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National Weekend in Stockholm


Welcome to National Weekend (NH) i Stockholm den 24-26 February! ⭐

Finally, it's time again for IFMSA Sweden's funnest weekend. Here you can meet IFMSAre from all our seven locations and participate in various interactive workshops within IFMSA Sweden's five different working groups within exchanges, Public health, human rights and sexual & reproductive health!

🏥 The theme is Healthcare & Health – with the aim of drawing attention to healthcare and above all to the people involved in it, such as patients and staff. Several interesting lectures and workshops with external parties and IFMSAre will be offered!

📣 In addition to this, we also have the annual meeting, i.e. the General Assembly (SMOKE) where we go through the operations for previous operating years and what goals we should have for the coming year. As a member, you can be involved and influence! Very exciting! We also take the opportunity to thank the national board for 2022 who steps down and welcomes the new board of 2023.

Where? I Stockholm!
When? Friday 24 Feel free to contact your local chairman if you want to know more or want to talk to the representative from your particular locality.. 18.00 until Sunday 26 Feel free to contact your local chairman if you want to know more or want to talk to the representative from your particular locality.. 15.00
Cost? 250DKK/pers (includes accommodation, mat, sitting, program activities). You can apply for travel reimbursement from your location after the event. You can read guidelines for travel reimbursement HERE.

All members, both brand new and curious as well as really experienced, from all different locations and projects are welcome to register! Remember to register again for 2023! New year = new membership!

Alright, so what do I have to do to join?

  1. SIGN UP if you haven't done it yet this year!
  2. Register in THE FORM no later than 27/1 at. 23:59!
  3. Wait for an email from us if you get a place, where more information and instructions regarding payment are given!

OBS! We have a limited number of places, so be sure to secure your place at this exciting opportunity! Don't hesitate to get in touch [email protected] in case of questions or concerns.

A warm welcome to Stockholm!

Issuance of missing certificates


In recent years, for various reasons, international IFMSA has had concerns with the issuance of certificates for participation in certain activities. To remedy this, a form has now been opened where members can request missing certificates. NOTE this does not apply to participation in meeting delegations, it is a separate process. Do you lack a certificate?? Complete the form below at the latest 31 January.


Questions? Email [email protected]!

National Weekend in Stockholm 24-26 February


SAVE THE DATE – 24-26 February 2023

It's time for IFMSA-Sweden's National Weekend winter edition, this time in no other city than Stockholm 🇸🇪 Circle the dates 24-26 February in the calendar already!

More info and registration coming soon!

Please attend the event at Facebook

Do you want to register an interest in being an official?? Fill in our declaration of interest

UP 2022 in Tampere


After arriving at our hostel on Thursday, we went as a team to "Amos", the student room, which, luxuriously enough, was in the same building. The opening ceremony began, where those who planned FINO excitedly talked about themselves and what the plan was for the weekend. This was followed by name bingo where we got to break the ice by mingling with all the new people there. Afterwards we gathered around food and later dancing. It was late for most, but many of us still managed to get up to Friday morning's run/walk at 7. We who were there thought it was a brilliant idea!

Friday began with a good breakfast and then it was off to the lecture hall where we received three thorough lectures on three exciting topics; Juha Klefström who spoke about “Tailoring personalized treatments with living patient samples – from correlations to interventions”, Reija Laaksonen med “Biomarkers for early identification of coronary heart disease in patients at risk” och Mikko Niemi med “Pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine”. I especially liked the last lecture on pharmacogenetics, Maria, mirrored FINO:s theme "Individual health". After the lectures, where a couple of warriors fell asleep after Thursday, it was time for long-awaited food. The afternoon was then devoted to workshop work, where we had the opportunity to work on a given topic, which was done through discussions, and then based on this to create a poster, something that got our creative minds spinning. The workshop provided new lessons, mostly beautiful posters and new acquaintances.

Then it was time for the activity we wanted in advance. I, Maria, fick Escape room, which was incredibly well done and took us just under an hour to solve. From what I heard from the others, it was successful there as well. Food was served again, and there was a party at Amos. It was really fun!

After a long night of partying, many of us were tired Saturday morning. Despite this, some fought their way up for another run. Once we woke up, it was time for breakfast, when we later had to hurry on to the university and the first lecture of the day. The first lecture was given by Hanna Rintala and was entitled "Coping with environmental crisis and protection of mental health". It was an interactive and stimulating lecture where all delegates got to share their own experiences within the subject. After a leg stretcher, the next lecturer was invited on stage, whose name was Mikaela Grotenfelt-Enegren with the lecture “The planetary health diet – Where’s the beef?”. Although the lecture was difficult to apply to the weekend's theme, it was interesting and felt relevant from a climate perspective. At 12 o'clock the stomachs started to rumble and we got a good vegetarian lunch in our bellies. The afternoon continued with workshop work in small groups, where we had to work with our posters on various issues related to the weekend's theme "Individual health". Time passed faster than ever and everyone had to hurry back to the hostel where we had to gather within the delegations to plan the evening's spex. There was a lot of sitting, spectacle and much laughter within just a few hours, so it was important that we worked efficiently to get as good a spec as possible!

The Swedish delegation in Tampere!

Once seated on the bus on the way to the seat, a warm murmur and happy tones were heard. The meeting was held at a fine restaurant outside of town and we were treated to a very good three-course dinner. After the next half of the delegations had danced, it was Sweden's turn to put on its show. We had been given the task of making a spex against Denmark, which was a success with lots of laughs! Later towards the evening, the session was rounded off because we then headed back to Amos, where we were treated to additional food and party all night long.

We discussed the sitting in the usual order.

Sunday must have been the most tiring morning, but since everyone was at the same energy level it wasn't a problem. After getting some breakfast in our bellies, we checked out of the hostel and headed towards the university. We had to present our posters to each other, where a group also offered an exciting spectacle in psychological first aid! It was amazing to see how creative everyone had been, as well as the fine work they had put into their posters. Towards lunchtime, FINO began to move towards an end, where there were many goodbye hugs and applause for all those responsible. I, Magdalena, felt warm inside and extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in FINO. The weekend did not only mean new knowledge in current and important topics, but also an extremely important exchange between other delegates within the Nordic region. I have learned something incredible from the weekend and dream of going back to FINO in Tampere every single day!

We both strongly recommend applying to FINO, it is an amazing experience and
incredibly fun weekend! If you have any questions, just contact us!

Mary and Magdalene

Remaining seats in the EuRegMe23 delegation


There are now remaining places to apply for in the Swedish delegation to EuRegMe 2023! The meeting that starts 10-14 april i Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, is IFMSA:s European meeting with around 300 participants from all over the continent. Of course, IFMSA-Sweden participates with a delegation! More information can be found in the application form and Invitation Package.

Application: https://forms.gle/j7ffcjvVzKdtosGs8
Application closes Wednesday 25 January at 23:59

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact [email protected]!

Invitation Package: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16nft44W53Vx371If5_JXJPqp832HUuxG/view?usp=sharing

Workshop on Sustainable Healthcare

Are you a healthcare professional or nursing student and wondering how exactly you can contribute to more sustainable healthcare?

IFMSA-Sweden's campaign group Vår Hälsa Binner and Doctors for the Environment welcomes you to an educational and exciting workshop with a focus on sustainable healthcare and how departments can become more environmentally friendly in their daily operations. The workshop takes place Wednesday 25 January at. 17.30 and will be held in the Scheele Hall on Karolinska Institutet (Tomtebodavägen 6, Upstairs).
We will serve vegan wraps as a snack – sign up to secure your spot and to get a wrap! sign up here:

The Nomination Committee's nominations and forms for counter-candidacies!


The Nomination Committee's nominations and forms for counter-candidacies!

The selection committee's work has now been completed for the by-election, Many thanks to all members who applied! We are very happy to be able to present the nominations of the selection committee for the filling election for IFMSA-Sweden's board, operating year 2023.



The Nomination Committee has submitted its proposal, but it is still possible to submit a counter-candidacy, regardless of whether you applied for the position during the nomination period or not. It is IFMSA-Sweden's General Assembly (SMOKE), consisting of one representative from each lokalort, who make decisions about who gets elected. The next FUM meeting will take place on 21 January. It is possible to run both for positions where the Nomination Committee has submitted a proposal and for positions where no person has been proposed.. DEADLINE for counter-nominations is 20 January 2023 at 21:00.

The Nomination Committee has also submitted a proposal for the by-election of auditors and the Nomination Committee for the financial year.: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScAkzCT31sOvHmm64oxU3oiYTlHGLVIb-30JlN93pKQ5MIrpQ/viewform

Descriptions of all national board positions can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/0Byr87WCoiHuWVFJVUUVsVlVMcTg/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=116262189546197144001&resourcekey=0-TbaTpi0lT0Ge3LTDgU83vw&rtpof=true&sd=true

Greetings, Election Committee 2022 – Rawa Halabjayi & Lisa Arvidsson

Extraordinary member of the council (digitally)


Welcome to IFMSA-Sweden's Extraordinary Council – 21 January


Saturday 21 In January, IFMSA-Sweden's General Council meets (SMOKE) for an extra meeting. During the meeting, representatives from the association's seven localities will discuss and decide, among other things, on the election to fill vacant national board positions for the financial year 2023/2024. The counter-candidacy form opens it 7/1.

You can find the meeting documents here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JJ_ADfSoHoM1eejXrsN2mnPAIY6gpLei

🕘 When? Saturday 21 January at. 09:00-12:00
💻 Var? Zoom! https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82618173270?pwd=dnRzVFVqL2NTbFRwd2k0NmxIOU9QUT09

Feel free to contact your local chairman if you want to know more about FUM or talk to the representative from your particular locality.

Warm welcome!

Filling choice 2023 Night. The board


Fill-in election for the national board 2023

Do you want to get involved in the world's biggest and best club for nursing students? Are you interested in global health and public health issues?? Are you passionate about IFMSA and are full of ideas for how the organization can continue to develop? Then it could be exactly you that we are looking for!

The application for the fill-in election to the national board is now open! The entries that are available to search are:

VPI (Vice President of Internal Affairs)
VPE (Vice President of External Affairs)
NEO-in (nationally responsible for incoming clinical exchanges)
NEO-out (nationally responsible for outgoing clinical exchanges)
NIGHT (nationally responsible for capacity building)
National Coordinator for Disaster Medicine

You can find more information about the records here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K7uFW6jofNH2yhlIUwpBSsmQFZMUpfUp/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=103781389822122418131&rtpof=true&sd=true

Are you interested in deepening your commitment?? Do you know someone who would be a good fit for one of these positions?? Enter and search when the application opens it 12 december! And nominate each other! Nominate by emailing the election committee the name and email address of the person you want to nominate, as well as which post you want to nominate them for. You can reach us in the election committee at [email protected]

We look forward to receiving your application!

Link to application


Rawa Halabjayi and Lisa Arvidsson, nomination 2022

EuRegMe2023 Application


The application for the EuRegMe 2023 delegation is open!

Application closes: Thursday 15 december kl 23.59.

A warm welcome with your application to IFMSA-Sweden's delegation to the next European IFMSA meeting, EuRegMe 2023! We will be represented by one 7 members strong delegation to the meeting that is underway 10-13 april i Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. The participation fee is 170 euros is partly sponsored by the association and the trip is paid for by the delegates themselves. More information can be found in the Invitation package, see link. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact [email protected]. The selection committee looks forward to your application!

Invitation package: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16nft44W53Vx371If5_JXJPqp832HUuxG/view?usp=sharing

Form: https://forms.gle/j7ffcjvVzKdtosGs8