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Call for SWG – Sustainable commitment

📣 Call for SWG – Sustainable commitment 📣
In recent years, IFMSA-Sweden has
has grown rapidly and has now reached its capacity limit – the workload has become heavy and dropouts are unfortunately increasingly common. We want to change this and are now starting a SWG according to our FUM mission that will work on these issues. We are therefore looking for members who can consider contributing with feedback, creative solutions and ideas regarding the association's future.
This SWG will continue during the financial year and take place in the form of approx 3-5 st meetings of approx 1,5-3 hours, starting from mid/end of June. The workload is not expected to be weekly, but there is great individual freedom and flexibility regarding how and when you want to work with this.
No previous knowledge required. No requirement to sit on a post or the like, but we warmly welcome all members who are interested!
Does this sound like a fun thing and something for you??
Please contact Sharon Vos, VPIA for more information at [email protected].
Looking forward to hearing from you!

By-election to the National Board 2023/2024


[DL 23/4] Dear members, Do you want to take your involvement within IFMSA to the next level?? Then it could be exactly you that we are looking for! Now the filling election opens for four exciting positions in the national operations.

Which entries can be searched?
Vice-president of internal affairs (VPI)
Nationally responsible for capacity building (NIGHT)
Nomination (2 poster)

Below is a brief description of the assignments.

VPI – Vice-president of internal affairs
VPI works closely with the central board, but mainly focuses on the internal operations and the contact with the local president. You are the spider in the web during the planning for national holidays, with the aim of supporting the local area and creating an educational and exciting program for all participants.

VPI is also involved in preparing national kick victims, coordinates newsletters and jumps into various national efforts when necessary. This position suits you who like to have an overview of IFMSA Sweden's national operations and like to collaborate with many people. Experience of local board involvement is an advantage.

NIGHT – Nationally responsible for capacity building (“National officer on capacity-building”)
As NOC, you are responsible for facilitating and raising opportunities for members' further development within the association. She highlights opportunities for international and national IFMSA workshops and holds workshops during national weekends. Experience relating to capacity development and further training within IFMSA and/or within other organizations is meritorious for this position.

The nomination committee has solid knowledge of association involvement at national board level and knows how the work is done. Here we are looking for someone who enjoys making complex assessments and has a good overview of the association in order to be able to choose the best board the association can get. The selection committee works during August through October, which is the period before the election meeting. During that time, elections are announced for national posts, preparing for elections and submitting a proposal to the General Assembly.

Apply at the latest 23 april
You apply by filling in this form: https://forms.gle/qskG9n17cAp5TFjA6. The application closes it 23 april, at 23:59.

You can, of course, search for several records, in such a case, we would like an application by post. ****After you have submitted your application, you will be contacted by the selection committee for an interview. The election is then decided in May during the General Assembly. If you are selected, after a handover period, you must be ready to start already in the spring.

Someone you think would fit well within these roles? To nominate a person for a post, send their name and email address to [email protected]. You are also welcome to contact us with questions about the election and the posts.

We look forward to your applications!

Warm greetings,
Chantal Marchini
Nomination 2023

Participate in IFMSA-Sweden's delegation to Almedal Week (28/6-1/7) 2023


[DL 20/4] Search for IFMSA-Sweden's delegation to the Almedal Week 2023 ☀️

This summer, 28e June-1 July, IFMSA-Sweden will send a delegation to the Almedal Week on Gotland! Woop Wooop! We go there with the aim of expanding our external representation and making contacts. Possibly we will hold an event, more info on this to come.

All are welcome to seek. It is advantageous to have good knowledge of IFMSA-Sweden as an organization. Do you like talking to people?, photograph and write? Big plus point!

What happens during Almedal Week?
Almedal week is filled with exciting workshops, panel discussions and lectures, and we will decide together which ones are most relevant for us to participate in.

We believe it is important to make participation in Almedalen as accessible as possible and will therefore sponsor delegates by partially covering travel costs, accommodation costs and food costs (preliminary max 1500 SEK for travel as well as 100 SEK per day for food).

🔺 If you have questions or thoughts regarding what IFMSA-Sweden should focus on during the week, you are most welcome to contact Rachel Coleman at [email protected].

The application and more information can be found here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSct9kTYO-492V9U9FaqmWVpRyTqjvVrJWv1006yO2rYcN9X1Q/viewform

Application to FINO 2023 Organising Committee (OC)


English below
🇸🇪 [DL 12/4] Welcome to apply to the Organizing Committee for FINO 2023! 🇸🇪🇳🇴🇮🇸🇫🇮🇩🇰

FINO is the annual Nordic IFMSA meeting, which is arranged in one of the Nordic countries according to a rolling schedule. 2023 is lucky enough to host IFMSA-Sweden! To arrange the meeting, the board will appoint a special organizing group (OC = Organising Committee) who is responsible for the meeting, which will go to the pile in November 2023.

When and where the meeting takes place?
The meeting will be held in Uppsala on 2-5 november 2023.

Who can apply?
Anyone who is a member of IFMSA-Sweden can apply to OC. Those who are members of another NMO within IFMSA can also apply. Members within IFMSA-Sweden will be given priority in the application process. Priority is then given to members from Nordic NMOs and members from other NMOs. In picture no. 2 you see which entries can be searched.

Framework description of FINO2023:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q4j5iUYBc-rGdWvFX2MKAxBYS-ie-fVrt20UvYD6Pao/edit?usp=sharing

What items can I apply?
– Project manager (Head of OC)
– Deputy project manager (Vice-head of OC)
– Financial manager (Head of Finance)
– Program (Head of Program)
– Matansvarig (Head of Food)
– Logistikansvarig (Head of Logistics)
– Social Program Manager (Head of Social program)
– PR Manager (Head of PR)

Item Descriptions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wwjyr54Pt8BODvxyVPIdwsiXXe6ZZFHA9620ubRk-cU/edit#heading=h.xm4h95tb7b0f

🔺 So you are ready to create an event, a meeting place for students in the healthcare professions from all the Nordic countries, meet lots of new people and learn more about global health and what we at IFMSA do? Then you've come to the right place!

Do you have questions? Please email [email protected]
Deadline for application: Sunday 16/4 at 23:59. Link to application: https://forms.gle/hASpigHn54793qmE7

Welcome with your application!

🇬🇧 [DL 12/4] Welcome to the application for OC for FINO 2023! 🇸🇪🇳🇴🇮🇸🇫🇮🇩🇰

FINO is the annual Nordic IFMSA meeting, which is organized by a different Nordic country every year. This year 2023 it’s IFMSA-Swedens turn to host! In order to organise the meeting, the Executive Board will appoint an Organising Committee (OC) that will be responsible for the meeting, which will take place in November 2023.

When and where does the meeting take place?
The meeting will be held in Uppsala between the 2nd-5th of November 2023.

Who can apply?
Anyone who is a member of IFMSA-Sweden can apply for the OC. However, also those who are members of another NMO within IFMSA can apply for OC. Members of IFMSA-Sweden will be prioritized first in the application process. Next, priority will be given to members of the Nordic NMOS and then to members of other NMOs.

NB! If you belong to another NMO it is important to specify which NMO in your application. Proof of membership may be requested if deemed necessary.

Framework description of FINO2023 (ENGLISH BELOW in document):https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q4j5iUYBc-rGdWvFX2MKAxBYS-ie-fVrt20UvYD6Pao/edit?usp=sharing

Which positions can I apply for?
– Head of OC
– Vice-Head of OC
– Head of Finance
– Head of Program
– Head of Food
– Head of Logistics
– Head of Social program
– Head of PR

Post descriptions (ENGLISH BELOW in document):https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wwjyr54Pt8BODvxyVPIdwsiXXe6ZZFHA9620ubRk-cU/edit#heading=h.xm4h95tb7b0f

Got questions? Please email to [email protected]
Deadline for applications: Sunday 16/4 at 23:59. Link to application form: https://forms.gle/hASpigHn54793qmE7

Welcome to submit your application!

SRT in Malta 2023

Registration and travel
The 16-19 February we went – Julie and Maria – from Stockholm, to Malta, to participate in a so-called. Sub Regional Training (SRT). An SRT is a shorter international meeting where members can participate in trainings, workshops and smaller working groups during 3-4 days where you have an 8-hour scheduled work group time per day that revolves around a particular topic. There are many different workshops like SRTs – Julie attended Training New Trainers (TNT) and Maria at Professional and Research Exchange Training (PRICE). You can read more about what these mean below.

The application to Head2theMed as the SRT was called, came out around Christmas. We signed up and at first only Maria got a place, while Julie ended up on the reserve list, but soon also got a seat. The tickets to Malta cost just over SEK 2,000 round trip. Unfortunately we arrived late in the evening so we missed both the opening ceremony and the National Food and Drinks Party (NFDP).

As mentioned, TNT stands for Training New Trainers and aims to give the participants understanding and skills to be able to do workshops themselves in the future, in a pedagogical and interactive learning way. We were just over 25 students at TNT and two trainers (+ a third online). During TNT, you also learn to fill in objectives for different sessions, i.e. a plan for what you will learnt. On the last day, a "graduation session" was held where all participants would present a topic related to the workshop, tex. body language, conflict management or personal development.

PRET stands for Professional and Research Exchange Training and was an overview of above all the practical aspects of IFMSA:s main purpose; yields. We discussed values, culture clashes that may arise, problem solving, leadership, rhetoric and compared national differences in exchange programs but both practical, social and theoretical. We formed a small group of around 8 people so we had a little deeper conversation where everyone got to speak. The whole thing was interspersed with games, when the days were long.

Accommodation and food
We lived together with a girl from Poland, in a spacious holiday apartment with a small kitchenette and living room. Both the hotel and the conference complex where all the workshops, NFDP and opening/closing ceremony were held, was beautifully located along the beach with a view of the turquoise sea. Above the conference rooms was the restaurant where both breakfast and dinner were served. Lunches consisted of traditional Maltese sandwiches (which were gigantic!) which we used to eat down by the quay. The dinners were a hodgepodge of Italian, Greek, and Asian and was enjoyed in a much too noisy restaurant but with pleasant new acquaintances.

Social program
The whole weekend was so well organized and also included a social program in the evening. On Friday evening the whole gang left for Valletta, where there was also a colorful and lively carnival in the streets. People were dressed in all sorts of creations and marched forward through the city and large vehicles pimped to max. We ourselves had a list of challenges to complete, for example learning one of the carnival songs from a local, make a TikTok and create a human pyramid. On Saturday we went to Mdina, also called "the silent city" – and it certainly lived up to its name, it was dead quiet there!

What was good?
In terms of accommodation and logistics, they were positive that we lived close to both restaurants, conference room and nature. As Malta is not very big, the journey from the airport was not long either, about 1 hour by bus, which was otherwise cheap. Then they had arranged 2 large buses that took us punctually to the respective cities we visited in the evenings. There are sufficiently intense social activities in the evenings and at the same time also enough time for recovery, as well as the year's first dip in the sea, during lunches. Workshop-wise, I appreciated (Julie) The TNT in its entirety as it gave new approaches to things that had already been done before, such as giving presentations.

What could be improved?
As always, an SRT is incredibly intense. It also makes the evenings late and the mornings early, but a lot must be done in a short time. I (Maria) felt that PRET could have been clarified in its purpose as it was perceived as a bit unclear, when we discussed such broad topics. However, there are advantages to it, of course, but I would like a goal description or similar. As for the TNT, the planning of our graduation sessions could have been a little better. Then the fact that we had a cockroach visit to the hotel was less pleasant, but we survived that!

What do I/we take with me/us from the weekend??
Maria – That we have a lot to learn about each other exchange program – there are many good ideas that you can be inspired by for your own exchange program. In addition, it was rewarding to practice conflict management and to get an overall picture of the exchange. Even though you are indoors during a SRT and don't see much of the country during the day, got them to a nice social program in the evening.

Julie – I think it was rewarding to practice presentation techniques and to learn how to make learning sessions more interactive. We had a lot of fun at all the workshops and my cheeks almost hurt after the weekend from all the laughter. Something else I think is interesting to know more about is how IFMSA is structured in different countries while we belong to the same organization – it's fun to see that there are so many ways to achieve the same goal!

We recommend going on the SRT?
And! An SRT has a different vibe than, for example, the big international IFMSA meetings. There is time to talk more with other participants and is that way more relaxed. We recommend that you like to travel together with someone you know, as it is nice to be able to bounce ideas off the day, and also being able to travel together. Bet on a fast route – SRTs are short and a long journey eats up much of the time you could spend on location

ps. on IFMSA-Sweden's instagram you can see a reel from the SRT in Malta!

Sunny greetings
Maria Moberg & Julie Ahlqvist



Applications for SCORA X-change are now open 2023! SCORA X-change is an exchange program where national members of IFMSA organize a SCORA-themed exchange during the summer. The content of the exchange usually varies with the organizer, but often the program consists of an exciting mix of workshops, lectures, trips, clinic and of course a packed social program.

This year it is open for applications to 15 different host countries with exciting programs and the exchanges are ongoing in 3-4 weeks during the period June-October. The content of the exchange for each country can be read SCORA X-change facebook page.


  1. Fill in the application form
  2. Fill in “Candidature Form“. This must also be signed by NORA IFMSA-Sweden, email completed form to [email protected] with the title: Name SCORA X-change 2023.
  3. Sign “Code of Conduct“.

SCORA X-change is usually a very appreciated exchange both for the participants and the organizers – search!

SUMMER OPPORTUNITY – Registration for GA has now been opened!

What is the General Assembly?
General Assembly (GA) is IFMSA:s largest international meeting held twice a year, in March and August. Here, participants from IFMSA meet:s 139 member organizations, to exchange experiences during an intensive week, decide IFMSA:the future, inspired and socialize. The next meeting will be held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast 1-7 August 2023. Of course, IFMSA-Sweden will be on site!
We encourage you to apply, new and old, regardless of previous experience. Applications will be reviewed by a selection group, and ranked among other things with regard to the earlier commitment and personal goals of the meeting. Valgruppen also trying to bring a delegation to an even distribution between local resorts.
What's happening at GA?
On the GA working representatives of our working groups to improve their projects and spread them to new countries. Major decisions affecting the entire Federation will be and next year's international Board elected. In accordance with the theme of the meeting is also held lectures and other fun. All this is interspersed with the social program consisting of unbeatable parties and opportunities to get to know people from all over the world.
Information regarding costs and other charges:
– The participation fee will be fully sponsored by IFMSA-Sweden, therefore, delegates do not have to pay the delegation fee themselves. This includes the program, accommodation and food.
– Travel costs for the trip to and from Abidjan are paid for by the participant himself. The travel cost is estimated to be somewhere between 15 000 SEK where approx 13 000 SEK is based on the cost of travel between Stockholm and Abidjan. The remaining sum is estimated to be spent on the application and the acquisition of a visa to the Ivory Coast. Also the cost of travel insurance and vaccinations (against yellow fever is a requirement, other vaccines are recommendations) is added if the participant does not already have it.
The deadline for applications is April 7 at 23:59. For questions about GA and international involvement, contact [email protected]

Remaining places are available for IFMSA-Sweden's clinical exchanges this year!


Are you a medical student from the semester? 5 and up and wants to go on an exchange under 4 weeks this year? Have you not finished planning the summer yet or are you perhaps going to take a study break and want to go on one of our exchanges during the autumn in 4 weeks? Now is your chance – we have a few places left for IFMSA-Sweden's clinical exchanges both for the summer and this autumn!

Apply in the form here last last 31 March at. 23:59.

What does IFMSA-Sweden's clinical exchanges mean? (SCOPE)?
IFMSA's clinical exchanges are organized entirely on a voluntary basis by medical students in each country's member organization. As outgoing offered you four-week internship at a hospital, at least one meal a day, as well as accommodation in the dorm room or home of a local student. During the internship period, a social program is usually organized where you, together with other exchange students from all corners of the world, get to experience what the host country has to offer! In order to go on clinical exchanges this year, you must have finished the semester 5 or upwards on the medical program this spring.

Where can you travel??
– The countries we have places left for this summer: Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland
– Some of the countries we have remaining places for this autumn: Switzerland, Lebanon, Tunisia, Brazil

In the picture below, you can see exactly which countries and months for each country there are to choose from. If the countries reach their maximum capacity for a month and can no longer receive, it says under the link the link below called "limited spots".

What do you need to do to apply??
1. Become a member in IFMSA-Sweden if you are not already – a requirement to apply!
2. You are responsible for ensuring that you meet the country's requirements, so-called "Exchange Conditions", to go on exchange to the country. If you apply, we assume that you meet the criteria. Exchange Conditions can be found for each country on IFMSA's database for exchanges here: Exchange Conditions
3. Fill in the application form! Deadline 31 March at. 23:59!

Guide on international opportunities


Are you interested in international opportunities?? Se hit! There is now a brand new guide on the international opportunities you have access to as a member of IFMSA-Sweden. There is something for everyone, regardless of whether you are completely new to the association or have a solid commitment behind you. Do not hesitate to email [email protected] if any questions arise. Nice reading!


Apply for training this spring!


[NOTE short deadlines!] Right now, applications are open for the majority of sub-regional trainings in Europe during the spring! Read more about the respective SRT here:

🇧🇦 PreEuRegMe – Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina 🇧🇦
[DL for application 1/3 for 2nd call] This SRT will be held on 7-10 april, in connection with the annual European meeting EuRegMe, but it is possible to apply without going to the meeting. The participation fee is €150 and includes accommodation, meals and social program. Registration is free.

Which trainings will be held?
– TNT – Training New Trainers
– PRACT – PR Advocacy & Communication Training
– GHA – Global Health Advocates
– HRMP – Human Rights for Medical Practitioners: Healthcare in Humanitarian Settings and Political Conflict

🇧🇬 SRT’23 – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria 🇧🇬
[DL for application 2/3 for 2nd call] This SRT will be held by AMSBulgaria 5-9 May. The participation fee is €250 and includes accommodation, meals and social program. Registration is free.

Which trainings will be held?
– TNT – Training New Trainers
– TPHT – Training Public Health Trainers
– TMET – Training Medical Education Trainers
– TSRHT – Training Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Training
Invitation package

🇬🇷 HelMSIC International Training (HIT) – Thessaloniki, Greece 🇬🇷
[The DL for the application is 3/3] HIT is organized by HelMSIC on 19-23 april. The participation fee is €120 and includes accommodation, meals and social program. Registration is free.

Which trainings will be held?
– LOVE – Advocacy in Medical Educational Training
– PRICE – Professional and Research Exchanges Training
– TSHRHT – Training Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Training

Do you want to know more about the respective SRT? Are you interested in applying to any of the above SRTs? Did you know that you can apply for a training grant of SEK 1,000/year from IFMSA-Sweden? level [email protected] we will get back to you with more info!