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EuRegMe 2018 – Dörfl, Austria

EuRegMe 2018 – Dörfl, Österrike

This would be my first international meeting, European Regional Meeting 19:April to 23:e april i naturhotellet Steinschaler Dörfl. A meeting where I participated as part of a wonderful Swedish delegation with varied experience of international meetings. The hotel was located about three hours bus ride from Vienna and had received an award for its environmental awareness, which was in line with this year's EuRegMe which was about "sustainability - climate change and health". After some national meetings in which I have learned more about the projects in different parts of Sweden, it felt very fun and exciting to now meet and get to know students from other countries. To be able to take part in the projects that were conducted in their countries and what the situation was like with them.

After about half the bus ride, you could start to see the scenic landscape that we would enjoy during the rest of the meeting., but was still surprised by the beautiful view that we would be greeted by well in place, as you can to some extent see in the picture of the delegation. On the evening of arrival, an opening ceremony was arranged, where, among other things, an introduction to the local town and culture was presented as well as the honor of hearing a poem and seeing a local group perform folk dances.

Over three days, there were working group sessions to share our experiences between the countries. Share the knowledge we gained from home, share the methods we use in our projects and deepen our knowledge. I who participated in the SCORA session, in which Kärleksakuten is a part of, could, among other things, exchange experiences with projects similar to Kärleksakuten but also with other projects that work with other parts within SCORA. Someone from our delegation was present in almost all working groups. If you want to read a little more about what the individual working groups did, I can recommend you to read IFMSA-Sweden's EuRegMe 2018 report on when it will be released.

In the spirit of exchange, there was a fair where the countries presented different projects, an opportunity to get an insight into what is being done in the different countries. Very fun to watch for someone who was new to international contexts, to see how many different projects can be accommodated within the different working groups. Then there was also time for training session and open space, forums to develop other related skills as well as hold other discourses.

Theme event, lectures and workshops that were directly linked to the theme of this year's EuRegMe, sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. What we as individuals can do, what companies can do and what the state can do.

Plenum, the decision-making body in Europe as the Swedish FUM, though much larger. It was a fun and interesting experience to see the course of events of different motions, maybe not something for everyone but definitely think something to experience at some point.

In addition to all the training during the day, there were social activities in the evenings, from various theme parties to the National Food and Drink Party (NFDP). An opportunity similar to activities fair, that the countries have an opportunity to show something, but instead of projects, food and drink were displayed while everyone was dressed in their own nations' colors and costumes. The whole meeting ended with a closing ceremony.

I mainly take three things with me. First of all, silent applause, had not encountered it before and it is an incredibly good thing that I hope will come more and more with us. The second bit in the same line as my first point to give positive feedback, something that I learned during this meeting to become much better at, to support and back others. Finally, the third, the fantastic energy and commitment that exists within IFMSA, it has given me a lot of energy for the future.

Fabulous Swedish collection:

Rebekah Assarsson, Ingrid Cerutti, Emma Jaede, James Janani, Tina Kashfi, Fu-Hsien Lin, Nathalie Matti and Jessica Zhang


Fu-Hsien Lin

Treasurer Kärleksakuten Norr