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General Assembly – a patty Kings perspective summarized

"By the way, many say has slept more than two hours a night on the go as it has not had the real experience, "said Olga first day in Taiwan. Aight, she drives safely but okay, I thought. Without knowing much at all about what the August meeting means, nor about Taiwan, I had submitted my application to go to the Swedish NMO:n in the spring. Everything that I should rush over, I might as well take when I'm there, I thought, and shot up all the travel fever and anxiety over things that can go wrong. Perhaps it was the right decision, the first thing I heard when I got there that I would not understand anything of what happens the first day. Said and done! Tired of opening ceremony, with 13 minute dinner break between paragraphs and then welcome party, we went up on the morning of Day 1 to make it to the breakfast buffet before session. A list of what was served, requiring a separate blog post, but it was a mixture of exciting fried streetfood-like pieces, sushi and standard continental breakfast.

I, Adrian and Nira was on Scorp session and had the luxury to be three pieces representing Sweden. Someone had apparently had to vote for two sessions from another NMO and a guy from Uzbekistan came alone. We all three were in our first GA and could ogle confused at each other when we did not understand what was happening. In between sessions consisted of various workshops, discussions, exercise debate, less lectures, etc.. And to the floor swayed by fatigue course – it there with two hours sued then apparently. Besides sessions were days filled with NMO-hour (when we discussed how we would vote the delegation), theme events och plenum, and the occasional joint session. The theme of the entire GA:t was in medical technology and theme events consisted of various lectures and panel discussion. We asked questions of the sick inspiring doctor, who all seemed to have a different view on whether doctors will be replaced by robots in the future and leave us unemployed. Exciting.

What kept us awake at night was socials, consisting (of course) av National food and drink party (The highlight in my), welcome- and goodbye party, culturenight (where OC got adjustable tender are to dance for us when no country could occur due to the plenary that dragged on) and other exciting events like the OC arranged for us, including a private Night Market. Nice. That night we went on socials ended plenary instead watch 03. Anything that came with me throughout GA was how impressed I was of those, despite lack of sleep, went to the President of the session and at every plenary, especially those that also voted for plenary. Coffee and exaltation to be there is evidently a good recipe to get by on little sleep.

It is quite interesting how full a few weeks may be – of matupplevelser, people, inspiration, project ideas, fest, laugh with the delegation and creative ways for delegates to take powernaps exciting places. Some of us in the delegation was there a few days before and after, and pulled around Taipei. Personally, I thought a lot about the city, and it was very easy to find things to do. Some began to talk at the end of the GA:eg if a typhoon that awaited, and warned resolved because it may affect flight times. The days after staying therefore most at home to avoid the rain and storm, but we were lucky when the typhoon was not the worst of Taipei. Of course I had underestimated the piece, however, and went on tour my last day to Jiufen just outside Taipei, and was rather enjoying the wind and the warning signs. The gratitude I felt when my flight was not canceled among all the others that it was "canceled" next to board up the painting was the last glorious experience in Taiwan.

I can also mention that I (although I still can not half of all abbreviations used) learned to use the alphabet in a whole new way. And I'm working on an idea for a IFMSA ciphers for myself and all the other confused out there. Finally, it must be said that typhoons should be taken seriously, and I got my punishment when speakers began yelling in the street in the city I was in, Apparently a great way to kick off the fight-or-flight with me, I discovered. In conclusion, I take with me a lot from the General Assembly in Taiwan. As a relatively new organization, my expectations were broadly that it would be overwhelming and intense, and I hoped it would be fun. It feels good to say that it exceeded all expectations, and also expectations, with marginal. Time to cheer for the next GA and anything else exciting as waiting with IFMSA!!

Best regards,
Clara Brune