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Entries for EuRegMe2019 in Russia

Blogginlägg från EuRegMe2019 i Ryssland
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“Russian Visa – Easier than you think!” 😀
How nice, I thought, in March when I bläddade through Russian power Pointe with pepper&prepp before IFMSAs European meeting EuRegMe. The visa's a story in itself. Behaved we are sending me and my Scanians away our passports in the mail in time before we would go. Four weeks of cyber silence from the visa company later we learned that our passports were at the Coop in Gothenburg. Well. The company had put, a new company has taken over. Our applications were invalid. If at square one again, except that it was a so-so two weeks until we could go.

Too long didn’t read: Russian show is Easier than you think.

In the end, we were in all cases outside the central station of Lund with passports in hand, and the trip to St. Petersburg could begin. We uploaded a few days of sightseeing in St. Petersburg before the actual meeting. I really recommend it – IFMSA schemas quickly becomes quite packed with activities. It was glorious days of lost walking among beautiful facades, stair climbing in known cathedral and hang museum. Ice cream in the sun in front of the Winter Palace, Russian pancake and walks along water. And not least the fascinating discovery that the supermarket in St. Petersburg importing canned Peach from Sweden

But Peach and walking in all the glory – it was after all EuRegMe we were there.

It was especially gratifying to meet with the Swedish delegation – which largely consisted of the old FINO delegation from 2018. Our final words to each other was the fact “ses i St-Petersburg!” (aa fat chance, I thought then, Optimist that I am, but as we stood there and hugged on Russian soil). A few minutes after the Swedish gang had found each other and Skåne also managed to spoil the mood by taking a skånsk (very nice) Delegation image began meeting with the Opening Ceremony.

We got to listen to Paulina, Regional Director, who gave a speech, Russian OC who sang songs and some other well and mixed. The highlight of the ceremony was a fantastic speakers from UNAIDS. He gave an inspiring speech about global health, AIDS and the role of youth in achieving global goals – including stopping HIV and AIDS. After the Opening Ceremony, we stood and hung, our dear VPE with the Swedish flag on the back. Then crept UNAIDS guy up to us to mingle. He finally asked if he could take a selfie with the Swedish delegation. There he. Jag recognizes. I was a bit off the truck it there, like that one gets when UN toppersoner comes up and wants to talk, and then it was my week made.

Logistically, it was also a good meeting. The facilities were good, the food was okay. As a vegetarian, you are as well accustomed to the food is not perfect around the world. Besides Russian protein bars was my diet during the week of:

  • pancakes (breakfast)
  • Corn
  • Tomato
  • Ketchup
  • Coffee

It was sort it? Had to turn, it was not a mile-long queue to laying the table – then you could snatch a couple of slices of cheese also, if it was quick. There were in all cases, coffee, and it is actually the only vital

The facilities were fantastic. My session was held on the top floor – floor 18 overlooking the entire city. I just have to say it – all the gold in St. Petersburg words! It really looks like someone has taken the whole St. Petersburg, turned the city upside down, dippat the gold and then put everything back again.









Sessions itself was also good. I went on Scorp-session. We talked about international humanitarian law, nuclear weapons and little TPNW (Thus, the international agreement proposes to ban nuclear weapons – especially interesting because IFMSA-Sweden working on the issue under the leadership of our wonderful President – remains to be seen whether Sweden sign the agreement or not – over and out). We discussed discrimination, children's rights and migration. Classic Scorp-session, I dare say.

Theme events were also on schedule. Here, external speakers were invited. UNAIDS man was there again (<3) – as good as last time. With him this time, he had a panel with really professional panelists. In sum – bra event!

One evening we went on the night walk through St. Petersburg. It was really lovely! It was nice to get out, relax and just get the hang little – and also see St P By Night. Actually a different experience than St P By Day. The highlight was still winter palace, lit with lamps in the darkness. Besides the pleasant company. Plus an interesting blue glowing ball we got past.

Last night it was time for the classic National Food and drinking party. It's become a tradition for the Swedish delegation to offer roars, most to observe the facial expressions of the people who are brave enough to taste. We also got to sing for our children birthday of the Swedish delegation – fun!

The last day it was time for, trumvirvel, plenum. I have never been to the plenary earlier, but looked forward to it. Plenum is kind IFMSAs parliament. On EuRegMe is obviously a smaller version than the General Assembly's, because it is only the European countries who vote. Although there was a plenary experience. I'm really fascinated by the many NMO-presidential. they succeed (with more or less success, hehe) keep track of how full court process works, what their own delegation think, how the open discussions go in the room, how the smaller open discussions go in the room, what is said, what is not said. In addition, the plenary a mini-mirror of Europe, because the delegations' views, at least to some extent reflects the country as a whole. COOL.

In a plenary session that lasted until midnight Closing Ceremony was slightly delayed. Think we started half past one in the night. However, it was definitely worth it to stay awake. We danced well into the wee hours, Swedish delegations gathered again.

A lovely ending to a glorious meeting!

Matilda Stjernqvist