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Engage your in IFMSA exchanges in Uppsala

Engagera din inom IFMSA-utbyten i Uppsala

Through the exchange part of IFMSA, it is possible to go on exchange to all corners of the world. The exchanges usually take place during 2-4 weeks in the summer and there are both clinical, preclinical and research exchanges. More details can be found at www.ifmsa.se/utbyte.

You can also get involved locally in the exchange group, which is a fun way to increase your chances of going on your own exchange. (see below).

Get involved in Uppsala's exchange group!

Every summer, a number of students from all corners of the world come to Uppsala to practice at the University Hospital for four weeks.. This means a fantastic opportunity for you to socialize, get to know and make contacts with medical students around the world.

There are two easy ways for you to participate in the business:

As a Sponsor

As a sponsor, you are involved and ensure that the exchange students have a wonderful free time here in Uppsala, in addition to the practice they have during the day. The main goal is for the exchange students to have a chance to get to know and have fun with Uppsala students and vice versa.

The person or persons who are Local Exchange Officers (LEO = exchange manager - see below) puts together a social program with a few activities a week on evenings / weekends. It can e.g.. be dinner at nation, crayfish party, bathing excursion, game night and a lot of other fun and as a sponsor you just have to participate.

You also do not have sole responsibility for a student, but all activities take place together with the other exchange students, the sponsors and LEO. It is fine to combine sponsorship with a full-time summer job, you participate in as many activities as you can and want. You can join for all four weeks or just for one evening. The accommodation for the students is also arranged by LEO.

Being a sponsor is an excellent way to start your involvement in the exchange part of IFMSA. It provides an insight into the business and is a good foundation (but not a must) if, for example, you would like to become a LEO. It is also an advantage if you yourself want to go on an exchange. Above all, it is very fun, if you have been with one summer, you want to continue the rest of the education!

Become an Exchange Manager - Local Exchange Officer (LEO)

The post as LEO can be held by one or shared by two people and involves arranging the practical details before the exchange. This is about e.g.. about arranging internships at the hospital, housing and best of all put together a social program with fun activities to do together with the exchange students and sponsors.

You also get good contact with the exchange students even before they come here because you act as a contact person and give answers to their questions about everything from Sweden's weather to what it is for "dress code" that applies at the hospital. As a LEO, you are also prioritized at the top of the list to go on your own exchange.

LEO means a board position in IFMSA and therefore gives you the opportunity to influence, to gain insight into the other parts of IFMSA and get in touch with the elderly- and junior courses from various semesters on the board.

Warm welcome!

Do not hesitate to contact the current LEO at the address [email protected] if any of this sounds interesting, if you want to sign up as a sponsor or if you have any questions.