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FINO 2016 – Environmental Health

fino_delegation_2016_cWhen I decided to go on FINO I had no idea that I would experience so much during four intense days that I honestly do not know what to begin to tell you. The thing that made me want to search from the beginning was that I love to go on national holidays and I always come home more motivated than ever. Now I am instead discharged. It's a little strange situation, one gets when 40 health-oriented students get to a recreation center and jointly discuss such matters that really do not get the space they deserve in our education. Often, the talks lasted until well after the clock passed midnight. Not to get near the sleep you need may sound dull and boring but proved to be far too great.

The meeting focused on environmental health and after a bit of help from the MeSH I have managed to come up with the Swedish translation environment. We have listened to lectures, attended workshops and received visiting European Chemicals Agency in Helsinki. The FINO held in Finland has also led to a number of the many sauna visits. Nor has the ice lake turned into stopping those who wanted to swim. For me it was one of the highlights of the meeting when we had invested time in each country would present a project. We learned how Winnie Hospital operated in completely different ways in different Nordic countries, and hear about the many projects that have not yet been set ups in Sweden.

Our Swedish delegation consisted of 13 people. Some times we agreed, and other times, half dressed in togas on the theme of 60's clothes. Whether it is one or the other, we have always found a reason to laugh, so that your knees give way and stomach cramps. As a time when after one session where invited to wine had realized that the application for GA closed that evening and that some of us have not yet written his application. What I'm trying to say is that an international meeting is enough that you should be firm. I am sure I will get to meet many of the new friends I met during FINO in different places in the world and I really want you to experience this. I think we should all take advantage of the opportunities we get through IFMSA.

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