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Election election to the national board


Dear members!

Filling elections now open for three exciting positions on the national board; Nationally responsible for capacity building, Vice-Chairman for International Affairs and Exchange Manager for incoming doctoral students.

The application is open to all members! Experience of local involvement and association work is an advantage. Of course, it is possible to search for several items. In such a case, we want an application by post.

You will find the application here.

The application period is open until 18 april kl 23:59. After the selection is completed, you will be notified regardless of notice of results. If you are elected, you will be ready to start after a handover period already this spring! You can of course search multiple records. In such a case, we want an application by post.

Below is a brief description of the items;

Nationally responsible for capacity building (NIGHT): For those who are passionate about development! When someone asks for a training you can keep track of the trainers we have, and what can be offered. You also stimulates new trainings, and makes it easier for members to prepare themselves. That itself to be trainer is a plus.

National exchange manager for incoming doctoral students (NORE-in): NORE-in is responsible for IFMSA-Sweden's contact with foreign exchange students who are planning an exchange here in Sweden and our exchange managers on the premises. A very stimulating post where you learn a lot about other cultures and have contact with many people! You work in a team together with the exchange group, where you together develop Sweden's exchange activities going forward. In this role, you get the opportunity to help shape our pre-departure trainings, sponsorship and much more.

Vice-President for International Affairs (VPIA): Are you passionate about international cooperation? Then this post is perfect for you! VPIA is responsible for IFMSA-Sweden's contact and cooperation with other member organizations in the international IFMSA Federation. He also leads our participation in plenary during international meetings. Previous participations at GA, EuRegMe and FINO are meritorious.

In case of questions or nomination of candidates, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Welcome with your application!


Election Committee 2021 – Sara and Matilda