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By-election to the vice president of internal affairs

Fyllnadsval till Vice ordförande för interna frågor

Now open the election to the Vice President of Internal Affairs! Because of sick leave was previously deputy taken a step back, and a new Vice searched for the autumn term. The application is open to all members, but the experience of local involvement and organizational work is an advantage.

As VPI are you working closely with other Bureau, but has a particular focus on our own members. You participate in the general work of the board along needs, but in particular the following responsibilities:
– Being our local President's closest contact and coordinate their needs
– Coordinate our national holidays
– Handle local IFMSA-boards' financial äskningar
– Compiling the annual report before the end of the year


A detailed record review found in our stadgeinstruktioner Subchapter 5.3: https://goo.gl/5YpL4O

If you wish to nominate someone, please send an email to [email protected] where you enter the name and contact information – telephone, skype or email.

The application period is open until 9 July 23:59. After the selection is completed, you will be notified regardless of notice of results. If you get selected, you will receive a handover period in summer, and be ready to go before the autumn term.