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Glad you want to read my blog and my experience during the General Assembly in Montreal. I landed at Montreal 1:August, which is a day before the meeting. Unfortunately, my luggage delayed so it was a bit boring.


The day all lands:

During the day we get our room, greet old friends, fix us and go to the Opening Ceremony. You really feel welcome and tagged to a tough, fun and educational week.


Under session:

We begin our session almost always 9 o'clock in the morning. I was on SCOPH- session om Public Health. The entire morning which usually work together or get a speaker who is really good, and then you discuss the various points within the public health and what are our problems.


social activity:

Day 1: It usually starts about. at. 9 on the night. The first day we had NFDP (National Food Drink Party) then everyone bring food and drink from their country, so you get a taste of the world. It's really fun and nice.

Day 2: Since it was late in Plenary (most important part of GA, where the decisions are) so we went for a long walk in Montreal's lively city.

Day 3: Latino Night, yap as the name says, a long night filled dance.

Day 4: Culture Night you will not miss one of the parts in GA social activity that I think is best. There are shows from different countries where they go up on stage with traditional clothes, sing and dance. This will be very nice and fun.

Day 5: Last Day begins with the closing ceremony where they thank everyone who made a hard job to get GA to succeed. Afterwards, when you go to a party which I skipped because I was at the post-walk a few hours after.


The food in GA:

It was the least good part, we ate school meals can not be measured by the portion you had. It did not fill his plate again. The food tastes okay, but for me it feels like nutrient poor food. There was no salad, just lettuce leaves. But of course, I was not hungry, thanks to the food in Montreal is wonderful, many variations in both the food and the price so I survived.



En hour (usually take more than an hour) where we sit and talk about how our day has been. Discuss and talk about the documents that we received in advance. We discuss what the Swedish delegation thinks and our decision to present the Swedish vote in plenary.

Here we get to know each other, get a picture of what the other had done during their session. We get an explanation and clear picture of things that could not understand during the session, plenary or documents distributed.

Farah Fakhri