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IFMSA-Sweden is a nonprofit medical student organization involved in humanitarian issues and international understanding of both local and international perspective. We work with practice- and research yields, Human Rights- and peace issues, Public health, primary care and reproductive health from seven university cities in Sweden.

Engage yourself

Please check below for more information about the different projects activity in Gothenburg. Are you more interested in a specific project or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! Contacts for the various projects, and board members are listed below. Get in touch with reflection big or small, we'll try to help you!



Kärleksakuten, a student organization for those who like to talk about sex and who want to sow the seeds of the next generation so that our world can become more open and filled with sound values. Love Akutens main task is the so-called call-outs, meaning that we give lectures at secondary school- and high schools where we work with young people in discussions about sex, emotions, values ​​and standards. We also organize internal lectures by guest speakers linked to sex, relationships and sexual health.

Volunteers hugs from Kärleksakuten Gothenburg!

Carolina Šakinytė, external coordinator

[email protected]


Teddy Bear Hospital is a volunteer project of nursing students. The idea of ​​the project is to make children more comfortable with health care professionals and hospitals, and reduce any fears of children. To achieve this, we organize various events which we either go out to the nursery and plasters on children's teddy bears or invite preschools to us during the Great Teddy Bear Hospital. On Large Teddy Hospital we have various stations such as teddy reception, operation, dentists and ambulance. There tend to be enjoyed by both children and students.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating or have any!

Nike Nilsson, Malin Kymmer

[email protected]

Peru project

Sembrando Esperanza Peru translates to "to sow a seed of hope for Peru". The project runs a treatment center in the capital Lima for socially vulnerable individuals with tuberculosis. At home, they treat, mat, shelter and social jacking. The goal is for them to get healthy and get away from life on the street. Tuberculosis treatment is through the social safety net for free in Peru, but only for those who have a registered address. By giving tuberculosis sufferers a home they can obtain and complete the treatment. X-rays and other tests in the diagnosis and deterioration of the condition is not included in the safety net, but the treatment center can assist with the.

Peru project in Gothenburg helps arrange financing by finding sponsors and organize events like pub nights and lectures. We provide also a volunteer exchange project providing health care students an opportunity to experience how care looks like for these people in Peru. As the project has grown, we have also begun to take in other socially vulnerable groups. For example, we received the disabled and the elderly who have had difficulty getting help from elsewhere. Under 2018 opened a completely independent living for vulnerable women of mixed ages. Currently live about 25 pcs women there.

Antonella Mazreku
[email protected]


Everyone in Sweden shall be offered the same care, but still, the quality of our country. It turns out, for example, here in Gothenburg, where we have a difference in life expectancy between different districts of up to nine years. Why is it? In many cases it is ignorance.

We in Livh go out to the SFI classes and information about health care in Sweden with the goal to equalize these differences. We have a finished presentation that we use on our call-outs, so you do not need any prior knowledge.

Hang on! Help us make a difference.

Issam Alghaeb, lava Mohammed
[email protected]


VFMOD (Care Students For More Organ Donation) partnered with the nonprofit organization MOD (Mer Organ Donation). Together we are working to none in Sweden should die while waiting for an organ.

By lecture to high school students and nursing students we spread this important knowledge about organ donation so that more people know how and why to take a position on the issue. We also organize other events such exciting lunch lectures with health care professionals.

Join us and take part of this important issue!

Gabrielle Brile

Mail: [email protected]

clinic- and research yields

Every summer takes IFMSA Gothenburg received a score of exchange students from all over the world for four week clinical- or forskningspraktik.

As a replacement manager you are responsible for the incoming students. As a sponsor organize or take part in exciting activities under the social programs that we offer exchange students. In addition, all involvement in IFMSAs exchange your preference if you want to go on an international exchange!

Please email if interested in being a sponsor, exchange manager or for more information!

clinical exchanges

Jonah Mallgren

[email protected]


Adrian Gimdal, Nour Sabbagh

[email protected]

Social Media

Our Facebook page IFMSA-Gothenburg are more frequent updates and info on events!

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