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IFMSA-Sweden's semi-digital NATIONAL WEEKEND 2022!

[Registration, open 14/1 – 5/2: CLICK HERE! ]
A warm welcome to the semi-digital National Weekend!
national Weekend (NH) is IFMSA-Sweden's joint event for all members. Every year we arrange three national weekends, one in the fall and two in the spring, at any of our seven locations.
The current situation means that we can not meet as planned in Uppsala – instead, NH becomes "semi-digital" for a day! This means that your local area will arrange on-site activities based on restrictions, and the program will then include some common ones, digital moment. The workshop is on the schedule, lecture, local time and social activities. The council with an annual meeting will be held on Sunday where one representative per venue for the members' action.
More info about schedule and logistical details will come from your venue as the event approaches. Food and coffee are included in the registration and active participation, no entry fee will be charged.
IFMSA-Uppsala greets that they are reloading to invite you to a proper and long-awaited National Weekend in May – until then, we must do as we always do, the best of the situation, and is seen according to the conditions that the situation entails. Should any questions arise, email [email protected] Seen at NH!