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IFMSA-Sweden Election Meeting 2021


During Saturday 13 november kl 10:15 IFMSA-Sweden's Council will hold an Election Meeting. Council (SMOKE) is the association's highest decision - making body and consists of a representative from each locality. During the Election Meeting, next year's national board will be elected.

FUM has open doors for all IFMSA-Sweden members and you are warmly welcome to participate as a spectator. The meeting takes place in Lindellhallen, Samhällsvetarhuset on Umeå University's campus.

You will find the FUM documents HERE!

Prior to the election meeting, it is also possible to run against the board, regardless of whether you applied for the position during the nomination period or not. It is possible to run both for positions where the Nomination Committee has submitted a proposal and for positions where no person has been proposed.. To run against you, fill in the following form last 12 november 2021 at 21:00.

Before FUM, it is also open to all members to send in motions about something they want to influence within the association. Exercise form you will find – HERE. All motions are sent to [email protected] no later than 23:59 the 12 november 2021.