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IFMSA-Sweden is one of more than 100 Member organizations International Federation of Medical Students Associations. Through our membership, we are part of the 1,3 million large community of medical students who are actively committed to human rights, international exchanges, public health and global health, and medical education.

As a Swedish member of the world is open to you. You can participate by going on exchange with us, but there are even more opportunities. We regularly share opportunities to participate in international conferences, camps and spirit of opportunities in other national associations. IFMSA-Sweden will also send delegations to several international and regional national meetings each year, mainly Federation General Assemblies, The European region's annual meeting EuRegMe and our Nordic cooperation body FINO.

If you are passionate about international cooperation and commitment you have found the right! You'll receive updates on international activities through to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook. We also try to tweet from the international events in which we participate.
You want eye on what is happening internationally, we recommend signing up on one or more of the international mail lists via Yahoo Groups, by sending a blank email to "ifmsa-[mailistan][email protected]”:

You are also welcome to contact our Vice President of External Affairs at [email protected] if you want more information.

EuRegMe 2015
EuRegMe 2015