International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) is one of the largest student organizations and engage 1,3 million medical students from around the 130 Countries around the world. Besides the two large General Assemblies of all member organizations gathered annually affiliates also in their regions every year to discuss more local issues. Within Europe, called the meeting "European Regional Meeting (EuRegMe)"And takes place in the spring, usually in April, and tend to gather around 300 care students.

The delegation from EuRegMe 2018 in Russia!

During IFMSAs European meeting will meet the members of their respective teams to share ideas, talk about the countries' respective projects and learn from each other. The region's president meet in so-called "Presidents 'Sessions' where it discusses major decisions, and here it can be given the opportunity to participate in the informative session and learn from each other. For some years, there is at European level, even a plenary, where the region votes on what was discussed during the meeting. In addition arbetsgruppstid usually often be workshops that often teach more practical skills, and themed events that can usually be lectures by experts in any area that the organizers of the meeting planned, so that participants can develop in several aspects. It also tends to be a rich and valued social program in the evenings, which usually include a “National Food and Drinking Party”, where participants get to try the food and drinks from the participating countries.