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IFMSA-Sweden has recently begun to focus more on capacity building activities, so-called trainings. The aim is to increase the skills of its members, in areas that can help us in our professional roles in the future, but also in our personal life, and in our activities as students. It held so-called training sessions for each National Weekend, but you can also anornda or ask for activities locally, as well as learn more about the international opportunities available [here]!


Trainings are training being conducted through interactive and non-formal methods. Most often led the activities of other students who have undergone training to keep in training workshops / sessions.

Training in these skills will help students to more confidently and effectively able to succeed with their projects in the various working groups within IFMSA. Additionally prepare students through trainings for future work in both local, national and international health care system or health organizations. The classes are offered by accredited IFMSA Trainers particularly during (but not exclusively) national events and conferences, and locally by arrangement.

Are you interested in this funny, important and very useful section within IFMSA-Sweden? Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

WHAT IS Trainings ABOUT?

A training session can really affect almost any topic, which focus primarily on strengthening participants' ability to do something rather than just theoretical knowledge. Many trainers also have experience in tailoring activities along needs. Some examples of topics:

Burnout and Stress
creative thinking
Feedback, feedback
Sponsoring & economy
Grupp dynamics
Human Rights
Intercultural learning
presentation Skills
project / Projektplanering
PR and Marketing
Climate and environment

How do I get involved?

1. Delta on a Training Session

Stay tuned for updates on this website, Ads in the national newsletter or events on our Facebook page. (www.facebook.com/IFMSASweden). You can always contact your local chairman to hear about what's going on locally hold, or look for something international [here].

2. Become a trainer also!

You become a trainer by going a Training of Trainers workshop. These are fun but intensive three-day courses, designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to be able to train other individuals. These courses may also have a special focus, such as human rights, or sexual and reproductive health and rights. You will also receive a, within IFMSA, internationally recognized training qualification. These courses are offered in regional and international meetings, as well as a part of some Sub Regional Trainings (Read more [here]). We currently have trainers at all 7 local resorts in Sweden, but do need to always be more!

New Trainers for IFMSA-Sweden's National Education Week (Training New Trainers) 2018

3. Keep in training and educating others! As the saying goes: "Make a, Do one, Teach a!”

Maila Training Director (trai[email protected]) if you are a trainer, and want to hold something!
You can also organize activities, where other trainers can be invited.
Delta on a Training of Trainers Old (UNTIL) course to further enhance your training skills
Apply to be a local / national / regional or international Training Director.

4. Contact IFMSA-Sweden Training Director

Mail Training Director at [email protected] if you have any questions or ideas! You can also get in touch if you want to get in touch with a trainer near you.