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Katastrofmedicin i Italien!

Katastrofmedicin i Italien!



Katastrofmedicin, How exciting is not it! That was my first thought after I spring 2015 had been involved in a disaster exercise that Örebro University Hospital held. When I later in the summer, was on an exchange in Brazil – where I saw the most acute- and trauma cases – I knew that this was something for me. When IFMSA then announced that there would be a course to train new "trainers" in disaster medicine in collaboration with the Italian research center CRIMEDIM so I registered immediately!

The course was held in the Italian provincial town of Novara, about an hour west of Milan. With me I had twenty other medical students from among others. Kenya, If, Netherlands, Portugal and Burkina Faso. And what a time it was! I have been on exchanges before, which in itself is an amazing experience, but this was something quite unique in that everyone who had a common passion, which meant that we established the links to each additional fast. It is always rewarding to spend time with people who on the one hand is very similar to the mind, but on the other hand also has huge variety of backgrounds, culture, values ​​etc.. Together we spent two wonderful weeks in the Italian warmth and ate gelato so much that it almost began to flow in the ears of us.

The program "Training Disaster Medicine Trainers" facilitated by experts from CRIMEDIM and contained various different learning moments lectures, case discussions, visits and simulations in various forms. We discussed the risk identification and analysis, simulated mass casualty incidents and tried, dressed role of various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), coordinate operations at a humanitarian crisis. But one of the most important lessons of the course is the importance of being well prepared and to work proactively to disasters at all not even occur.

The funniest moment was when we went out to the countryside and got a briefing how the medical tent set up and operate. The instructor who went through this with us recently had been down in Amatrice (the site of the earthquake the night 24/8) with their search dogs and shared their experiences. At the end of the day, he invited, together with family, friends, all of us at the buffet dinner that was followed by a speedy karaoke night!

Overall, I'd say that this has been a really unforgettable experience with me from Italy, I have new friends for life. Usually it is people that make everything worth it, and this time was no exception. Now continuing education online course for three months and with this newfound inspiration, hope and the other two Swedes who participated, Joakim Bergman and Therese Brander Löf, To be able to share this knowledge with other students. The first activity was held during the National weekend in Linköping where we had a workshop together.

Next, planned a training in Stockholm, This will be held in February and registration is open. So go HERE and read more!

/ Anton Ahlbäck