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Welcome to IFMSA Linkoping! International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) is an international association with about 2 million members, especially medical students and other medical students, working with human rights and peace, global health, public health and reproductive health as well as international medical student exchanges. You are welcome to get involved at all levels, from monthly coffee station in the future chairman!

Engage yourself

Here you will find fantastic opportunities to develop professionally by getting involved locally or internationally. We promise an exciting opportunity to experience the world, change society both locally and globally, and acquire great skills for your future career; to write International Federation of Medical Students' Associations to resume:t is only one bonus. We are always looking for more people who want to get involved in the Board of Directors and our established project, or why not start a completely new project if you have an exciting idea? IFMSA organization also includes the commitment of both national and international level – you put the bar where it feels right for you! Get to know other members, engage in precisely what you are passionate about, Experience community and become a part of us today.


You can always turn to chair Rebekah Vahlgren for questions, advice and support.
mail: [email protected]

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