Kärleksakuten (KA)

Kärleksakuten is an organization working with sex, with support from the Public Health Agency. We visit high school- and secondary school students and speaks six, emotions and relationships, sk ”turnouts”. Kärleksakuten also house training for all members, to increase our skills as sex educator and for our future careers. We are open to all students and schools that are interested in Kärleksakuten are welcome to contact us by email.

Myrica Nelzén
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Teddy Bear Hospital is a project of IFMSA where medical students go out to the nursery to talk about the body, and that tended to the children's cuddly toys. The purpose of Winnie the hospital is to make children feel safer with health professionals and hospital visits while medical students can practice speaking with children. During a visit, which usually takes about 2 hours, we divide the group of children at the three stations. The three stations are:

  • patches station, where we examine and plasters on children sick teddy bears
  • Anatomistationen, where we start from our anatomy doll and talk about body
  • Ride- and lekstationen, where we draw and play, Please drawings and games with the body as a theme

In addition, we are currently also starting a "big teddy bear hospital" in Linköping, which is provided at the other locations. This means that we create an environment sjukhuslik in a room of the university and let the children come to us instead of us go out to them. First big teddy hospital should be held in early December.

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Institute of Indian Mother and Child (Iinc)

IIMC is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting children- and maternal health care, read- Literacy and international solidarity and peace. The organization is run in India's third largest city Kolkata and surrounding villages in West Bengal. IIMC founded 1989 of the Indian physician Dr.. Sujit Kumar Brahmochary with the goal of providing the rural poor with basic health- care. Since then, the organization has expanded and evolved to include training- and sponsorship programs, economic and socio-cultural projects and agriculture and production. Today IIMC a comprehensive construction projects.

The Swedish branch of the organization, IIMC-Sweden, in close cooperation with IFMSA and works primarily with sponsorship and volunteer trips to India. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to take part in various projects run by IIMC! In Linköping, we collect funds for operations in India, recruiting sponsors for Indian children in need, and recruiting volunteers in IIMC:s regime go and help on the spot. Welcome to be inspired and get involved!

Stephanie Here
Astrid Ekman
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Medical- and nursing students provide information about health care and health (Livh)

Livh is a project that focuses on educating and informing new arrivals at SFI schools and paperless how care in Sweden is organized, what rights you have as a patient and how different factors can affect one's health. The reason why we focus on recent immigrants, people who immigrated to Sweden generally feel worse physically and mentally than the rest of the population and it is our responsibility as fellow human beings to take care of them.

The project was started in Linköping and Norrköping and right now we are eight people involved. We would like to see more people who want to help participate in Livh project. Remember that it is a good opportunity for you to try to communicate with people who do not speak Swedish, which is a good training for future employment.

Mustafa Al-Attar
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clinical exchanges

Clinical exchanges aimed mostly against medical students in clinical semesters (term 7-11), who are curious to try to conduct a clinical internship abroad. As a Local Exchange Officer, we help with the exchanges to and from Linkoping.

For questions or concerns, Do not hesitate to contact us!


Bera Faisal
Erik Albåge
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Anton Nordeman
Kajsa Gustafsson
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