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March Meeting 18, of the 1

March Meeting 18, del 1

Hello blog readers!

This past week we were down in Egypt, more particularly Hurghada on IFMSA:s major international meeting in March 2018, weeey!

I choose to write this blog post so that you who have never been to a place like this meeting to understand a little about what it means and how it works. Wednesday 28/2 I left Gävle and snow to fly down to Istanbul and then Hurghada. Lucas and I had quite a long stopover in Istanbul, which meant that we could go and eat kebab and look in the Hagia Sophia, chill!

When we arrived in the middle of the night to Hurghada, we had no room and had to sleep in the hotel reception, along with lots of other medical students. We were hardly fit, but to be alert and in top shape is not something you can expect during the GA. The rooms huh fine and I lived with Lucas and Ajdin, which huh really good and nice, a good bunch!

Despite the matbuffé for lunch and dinner 6 days, you can hardly complain about the food or the hotel, great. Every night, it is also some kind of social program, which absolutely right one of the highlights of this GA. How about an Egyptian cover band Coldplay, or was it coldplay?

National food and drink party, was just as fair exchange an incredibly fun thing to learn about different parts of the world and see the width of exchange opportunities and food cultures. Both act as a fair where you walk around and talk to students from lots of different countries, taste their food or take one of their cocktails! Why not then take a night dip in the pool? fun!!

Then we come to the more uppstyrda and you wonder a little about what all activities means during the GA:

Sessions: Imagine working hours during a NH. I experienced those very pressed for time and it had been needed more breaks and time for reflection, but it might be improved for future GA:s! There are students who will lead them and it can be about subjects ranging from mental health to antimicrobial resistance.

Trainings: These are a little more training skills, such as communication skills or handovers. I went on handover skills (therefore hand over a record), it huh instructive!

Regional sessions: All of Europe sit together and talk about the issue in Europe at the moment. I felt that it was much advertising for other meetings and less about the meeting I actually participated in, and that there are so very many meetings to go on is one thing that really hit me.

Plenary: Annual Meeting! Very formal and carefully. It really added time down, just look at the policy documents and candidacies. But in an association with over a million members, this is probably necessary.

What I especially take me but from the GA is not specific events, but a great overall impression of a really impressive organization, but a few points I would still get down:

  1. The involvement of medical students around the world for IFMSA

– Got a whole new picture of how much this compound does for many medical students around the world. Probably a lot more than it does for many IFMSA-committed Swedish medical students, which may partly be explained by the other associations around the medical school we have. I was really impressed by how big it is for many people around the world and their commitment to the.

  1. The size of IFMSA

– IFMSA felt to me like a very special organization. The association is part of 1 million members around the world and the annual meeting held during this meeting seemed very orderly and formal, which is completely in his right with as much members. Incredibly well written policy papers and fine candidacies average, which shows that there are an incredible number that is very serious in its commitment to the association, which is very nice in a way. It makes me think the organization is special is my question I ask myself: how much influence IFMSA really their world? I find it hard to say it – but regardless, it is great to see such a big commitment and I met probably with many of the future senior health workers down in Hurghada this week.

  1. Sessions and schedule

– This point of my reflection is not as positive as the others but still worth taking up, I think. During the meeting, I experienced what the schedule will ease up a bit, especially during the working times. This means that you will have time to reflect on what they might have been talking about, which are not quite overtaken by. Two things, I also would have liked is if they had picked up a good expert on any subject and lectured to the groups they were divided into sub-working times were less, which promotes ideas and discussions.

  1. The language

– The last major reflection I have is how good people were in English during this meeting. Fantastic to how well students which was to formulate and communicate. I felt myself that my English was growing during this short time!

To end this blog post, I want to thank IFMSA-Sweden for letting me go, I can say to know me more knowledgeable now than a week ago and would really recommend you get the chance to go to the!

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