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March Meeting 18, of the 2

March Meeting 18, del 2

Touchdown, Egypt.

Half past two early Thursday morning, or rather a late Wednesday night. The plane is now landed at Hurghada is full of medical students from around the world, all excited and tagged – soon will it start. Sömntöckna herded us from the gate to the waiting buses that quickly drives us to Sahl Haseesh, the place where we should spend 6 long and rich days with each other. It's almost time.

Later that evening held the inauguration ceremony, March Meeting i den 67:Edition # MM18EGYPT running. IFMSAs second GA – General Assembly for the fiscal year has begun.

A GA is an occasion where delegations from all the different countries of the Federation will meet to decide on important issues, elect new people to the various steering committees / working groups and exchange share experiences and get the chance to learn from each other. There is one in March – March Meeting and in August AG – August Meeting.

In my eyes, this is something unique. IFMSA is the world's largest student organization that gathers 1,3 million members in over 120 countries and 136 medlemsorganisatione around the world. As in Egypt for a week to get to hang out with the 1000 people from 95 of these countries in the same roof, It is extremely exciting. All the cultural clashes, teachings, experiences, similarities, differences, pleasures, frustrations, sleep deficiencies that we have experienced and to get to have shared all this with both the Swedish delegation, but also those from other countries, it is big. The possibility given here to get the international link up, find friends and experience as much of the world in one place is really one of a kind.

During GA't so is also Plenum – "Council". Here is all the countries currently represented and voting on the various issues on the agenda. Though long sessions with lively discussions, it is still amazing often thought, articulate and wise decisions taken and by such an extremely multinational – multicultural samling, it is something that makes you believe in the future of the world! Pretty fun, if a compound like democracy, bureaucracy and stadgediskussioner!

In addition to the plenary and suspend, every working even their own meetings, results, training and workshops. SCORA SCORE SCOPE SCOPH SCOME SCORP. all different, but also very similar (they all have similar abbreviations and long names) seen in their respective groups and immerse themselves in certain subjects, share knowledge and experiences from its national plan and make contacts internationally. However, the groups did not completely separated but could meet during some sessions / trainings to benefit from each other's knowledge.

Here is a selection of short written thoughts from my diary of GA:

  • What incredible people there are here, real enthusiasts and inspirers!
  • All are amazing good at English, I have to learn more languages!
  • NH in Sweden can be stressed in the schedule, it is a lot worse. Often the pressure of time out of the content and it degrades the experience of some sessions.
  • National Food and Drink Party, NFDP, where all countries are exhibiting a table and serve food and drinks from their own country was a culinary journey to all corners. Very dangerous and plenty were treated to! High points: Kazakh horse milk, Islands hajkött, Rwandesisk bananöl, Thai glass noodles, Kurdish juice. Yes the list is long.
  • As Swedish is easy to be angry when an offer Saltlakrits and roars, poor people who are tricked into eating it.
  • To the Swedish delegate experience little vitamin D boost and go from -23 to +23 in a day makes you happy.
  • A chance like this only get a once in a lifetime. If one is not looking back, of course, that I will probably do.

It is difficult to bring down the experience of a walk to a small blog post. There are high peaks and sometimes a little valleys, but usually a very unique experience. Having got to go on a GA has made me really understand how big and cool IFMSA's organization.

To all of you who are thinking about applying for a GA, Think less and do it! You will not regret it.

Making It Happen, search for the August Meeting in Montreal!

Written by: Lucas Grzechnik Mörk