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A few words from the Youth Policy Council


The 10/5 IFMSA-Sweden participated and 14 other youth organizations in this year's first meeting with the Youth Policy Council. The council is chaired by the Minister of Culture Jeanette Gustafsdotter and was held at the Government Offices' premises in Stockholm. The theme this time was segregation and how it affects young people's influence on democracy. Our representative John Häll, Vice-President for International Affairs (who replaced Clara Brune), highlighted, among other things, how increased segregation and inequality in health, including longevity and quality of life, is interconnected and how many different factors reinforce each other and segregation, this according to our policy documents.

Other organizations raised issues such as the importance of the school, threats and hatred against civil society, differences between urban and rural areas, Sami rights and much more. The meeting was also attended by several other actors who work with youth issues, including SKR and MUCF. The meeting began with Anders Kessling from the Delegation against Segregation (Delmos) informed about segregation in Sweden today. John asked if health differences in segregation are part of Delmo's mission, Kessling replied that it was not originally so but that they have taken their own initiative about it.

For further reading is recommended “segregation barometers” from Delmos and the Public Health Agency's report “Development of public health – annual report 2022” from March this year. Are you interested in our external work and advocacy work? Contact Vice President for External Affairs Clara Brune at [email protected]! If you have questions about this meeting with UPR, John is here [email protected].