National Weekend in Linköping, 3-5 May

Welcome to National Weekend (NH) in Linköping 3-5 May!

Every year IFMSA-Sweden three meetings where members from across the country gather to talk about public health and global health, to meet new friends and reconnect with old. NH is as much for the experienced project active as the brand sparkling new member who most curious. Over the weekend, workshops, lectures and sessions with IFMSAs workshops to be held, and IFMSA-Linkoping files on a social program so that benefits can be balanced with pleasure.

Some practical info:
– Registration opens today 30/3 and you must be a member of IFMSA to sign up. Members will be on The link to the report is available here:
– Registration closes one week later, at 23:59 the 6/4, so be sure to cheer everyone you know until! Places are limited, so hurry. After registration has closed, you will know if you get a seat or not.
– The weekend is being from about noon 17:00 on Friday at about noon 13:00 on Sunday.
– Participating in NH costs 250 kr – then you accommodation, food and activities.
– After NH will be able to apply for travel grants for the ticket from your lokalort to Linköping.
Travel refunds maximum ceiling is following (SEK / participant):
Gothenburg: 1000 kr
North: 1800 kr
Skåne: 1000 kr
Stockholm: 500 kr
Uppsala: 600 kr
Örebro: 500 kr

If you have concerns or questions, please contact [email protected]

Welcome to Linköping!

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