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National weekend in Umeå, 12-14 november

Nationell helg i Umeå, 12-14 november
Welcome to National Weekend in Umeå 12-14 november 2021!
national Weekend (NH) is IFMSA-Sweden's joint event. Every year we arrange three national weekends, one in the fall and two in the spring, at any of our seven locations. This autumn, IFMSA-Norr will host!
Workshops are on the schedule, lecture and other on topics such as public health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, exchanges and human rights and peace . In addition, the National Board of Elections will be the election council 2022 to be selected, and of course good hanging and sitting!
All members, both brand new and curious as well as really experienced, from all different locations and projects are welcome to register. If you are not already a member, you can become one ifmsa.se/medlem.
– Times: Arrival to the event Friday at 17 and onwards or Saturday before kl 9. Departure after Sunday at 12.
– Schema: Published with registration.
– economy: Deltagaravgift 150 kr, then accommodation is included, food and activities. Travel allowance can be applied for after the weekend according to ours guideline. If you are applying for travel allowance, you may miss a maximum of one day's activity.
– Registration:
Fill in the form above or go to it link.
Registration is open 7-14 October. Limited number of seats, when the registration is closed, it will be announced whether you have been given a place or not. If there are remaining places, registration is kept open for another week.
– Questions? Contact your local location or [email protected]!
A warm welcome to NH and Umeå