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National Livh weekend 2018

Nationella LIVH-helgen 2018

This year it was time for web campaign team in Scania that the honor to take over the baton from Gothenburg organizers of this year's Livh weekend! It was with some nervousness, and with great anticipation that we welcome nursing students from all over Sweden to come and immerse themselves in the issues that we in Livh project all passionate. The Lund showed its typical misty November-side did not prevent a lovely deltagargäng from both Umeå and Gothenburg to get to the southern part of the country, to here for three full days to get to know each other, discuss topics such as asylum processes and operations, and also get to have a lot of fun.

In Lund, welcomed the participants on Friday of tacos dinner and games, an excellent charging of the intense Saturday as expected. This began strongly with issues that are many Livh:are dear: it was namely Christina Sjöholm and Helene Trym Santander from Region Skåne's Knowledge Center for Migration and Health which provided a rewarding lecture on this subject. Then waited workshop “Let’s Talk Sex” with Oscar Pettersson, medical student and active in including Kärleksakuten. The workshop was perceived as both entertaining and instructive: Fun initial activities were followed by a fruitful discussion about how to best treat certain preconceptions about sexuality in a mottagaranpassat way - many of us Livh:are will certainly be able to benefit from this knowledge already at the next Livh-emergency. The weekend continued with yet another workshop (winning concept), this time under the leadership of Ahmed Al- Djaber who put our cooperative abilities to the test (read: let us including building towers of marshmellows and spaghetti) to spur business development in Livh. It became clear that there is such skill and such commitment in Livh: and Ahmed pointed out that we would have so much to gain to convey all knowledge more members, not only other course locations, but also the IFMSA as large. Many new and innovative ideas on how the project could be developed chips were developed by participants, which gives hope that Livh to continue to grow and get even more IFMSA members only, and newcomers to the benefit and enjoyment.

After the obligatory coffee gave Livh-weekend-gang itself then out in Lunda evening for a walk among the student nations and cobble to finally satisfy your hunger at an Indian restaurant. But the evening did not end there: Our amazing engaged animators saw then that we had to compete to score the package with one hand fastest, stacking cans springandes and do one thing weirder than the other ... Many were the ones who choked with laughter!

Just a few hours later, it was Sunday morning, time for Red Cross workshop “On the run” where role-playing leaders built up a creepy Swedish war scenario. We participants were divided into families and then simulated an escape: with hunger, air, transport problems and asylum processes some of the many components. One of the least myself strong experience that further increase the understanding of how very vulnerable to often- and how difficult it is to make decisions- in such a complex and demanding situation as an escape from security can mean. These insights, I think the tools are important on many levels; as Livh:are, nursing student and, above all, as fellow human.

As a conclusion to Livh weekend held pediatrician Maria Mossberg a professional lecture on children's health in the world – the bag was tied on the weekend together, all according IFMSA:s motto: “Think Global, Act Local”. It was with a falafel as travel provisions and with hopefully new friends, experience and even a cool IFMSA-enriching experience of our students then began their journey home, ready to continue developing Livh and promote a more equal treatment.

But what is really Livh project? What is it that drives engagement on such a weekend? Already, briefly standing Livh for LAkar and Vårdstudenter Informerar on VARD and Health which means that we go out to the SFI- schools (Swedish for immigrants) to disclose, for example, mental illness, the Swedish health care system works and patient rights and responsibilities. We hope and believe that the new arrivals will be strengthened by this knowledge and feel more secure in the face of health care in Sweden, and that the project at the same time will lead to a more equitable health care as more information about their rights. Sure, this sounds exciting and important? Then you are welcome to Livh!

Livh- weekend 2018 was a fantastic result of so many people's dedication and hard work, and I am convinced that it inspired participants to continue working on the project cardiac issues. I want to thank my run, talented friends in the management Livh Scania and all the wonderful volunteers who made this weekend could become a reality!

Best regards,
Louise Yard Mark
The management team Livh Scania
[email protected]