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Now announced all Organizing Committee records FINO 2017!

Nu utlyses alla Organising Committee poster för FINO 2017!

FINO is IFMSA:s Scandinavian meeting. This is where about 50 participants from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland in 4 days to be kicked around, inspired and socialize. The meeting takes place educational activities around the theme of the meeting, opportunities to learn from each other and of course a packed social program!

This year, Sweden has the good fortune to host this great event! The meeting will be held in early November 2017, Skane. Under 2017 a National Organizing Committee (OC) work to plan and arrange the meeting. It will be an unforgettable fun and educational experience!

IFMSA-Sweden now open because the application to the Organizing Committee for the FINO 2017! The application is open to all our members, old and new! You do not come from the host town where the meeting was organized to search. Description of the various items can be found below.

You apply for the position here, last 13 February. The selection made by an election monitoring group, consisting of the chairman-elect and VPE-elect.

Head of OC (2 people): As Head of the OC, you have the overview of the work of the meeting, coordinates OC:s work and has overall responsibility for everything runs as it should, in cooperation with IFMSA-Sweden Vice Chairman. You get the chance to develop your capacity for organization and leadership, as you'll learn more about how IFMSA works and what happens in the Nordic unions.

Program (2 people): As program coordinator, you have overview of the program during the meeting. You are in charge of contacts with external speakers, with lecturers and workshop leaders from IFMSA-Sweden and the other FINO countries and ensure that all the logistics around the lectures and workshops works. You will have to work closely with IFMSA-Sweden working group responsible about the program.

Responsible for social programs: The social program for the meeting is all that takes place outside of lectures and workshops. There may be things that get to know each other-games, Spex and seatings. Only the imagination limits! The goal is to give participants the chance to get to know each other and have fun.

Logistikansvarig (2 people): Logistics Manager is responsible for the logistical aspects of the meeting, such as accommodation and transport. It is an instructive record that gives you a lot of organizational experience! On this record, it gratefully with good local knowledge, and we turn, therefore, one of these two items to applicants from Scania.

Matansvarig: As matansvarig it's your job to make sure no one goes hungry during the meeting. You are responsible for planning meals, instructs cooking with volunteers and coordinates food purchases for the meeting.

PR Manager: Of course we want the meeting to be seen and that many will seek! As PR manager so you are responsible for the marketing of the meeting. This may include things like Facebook post, smart posters and mail to the other Nordic countries. A top item for someone who is a master of design and marketing.

Finance Manager: Finance Manager works with the support of IFMSA-Sweden treasurer to keep an eye on the budget keeps, post expenditures and has eye on the numbers. Previous financial experience is a big bonus, but not a must.

Sponsoring Manager: We hope to get support for organizing the meeting from various sponsors, and this is where you sponsored manager enters. You are responsible for applying for various forms of contributions to the meeting and in charge of contacts with potential sponsors. An instructive record where very useful experience available to download!

For inspiration and information please read Julia's blog from this year's delegation to the FINO.

You will also find reports from previous meetings, UP 2014 and UP 2015.

For questions about the application email VPE @ ifmsa.se