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NYHET: Public Health Exchange

NYHET: Public Health Exchange

Från och med i år kommer man kunna söka en ny typ av utbyte: Public Health Exchange! Det är ett mellanting mellan SCOPE och SCOPH-verksamheterna där praktikplatserna har närmre anknytning till folkhälsa. Då detta är nytt för det kommande året har IFMSA-Sweden bara en utbytesplats, och denna är med Kina! Utbytet kommer äga rum på ett sjukhus under 4 veckor (någon av månaderna april-juni, september-november). För att söka behöver du läsa på läkarprogrammet (eller tagit examen inom 6 månader innan påbörjat utbyte) eller folkhälsovetenskap.


Nedan kan du läsa mer om projektet.


Cancer Epidemiology Practice (Lung cancer)

Department of Epidemiology, China Medical University.

No.77 Puhe Road, Shenyang, North New Area, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.


In China, cancer distribution in the population is different from other countries. Due to deferred visit and diagnoses, cancer mortality rate in China is higher than the global average level. To reduce the incidence, increase the rate of early diagnosis, survival, as well as to promote the equalization of health service, researches on cancer epidemics has been carried out in China Medical University.


What is the main goal(s) of the Internship?


  • To improve students’ capacity of solving epidemiological problems.
  • To improve their abilities in public health practice.
  • To gain an insight in cancer prevention and control in China.


What are the objectives of the Internship?


  • Understand the process of field investigation, the method of creating questionnaires.
  • Take part in field investigations, learn the skills of communication with subjects, data entry, as well as conduct database quality control.
  • Learn skills of database management and data analysis.
  • Know the prevalence, incidence, prevention and control situation of cancer in China.


What is the expected outcome(s) of the Internship?

Students are expected to improve their ability in public health practice and be familiar with the use of data analyzing softwares, such as SAS, SPSS, R, and excel. Besides they should be able to compare the differences between Chinese health system and their own systems.


Lectures and trainings on Epidemiology will be provided. There are also seminars available to the students. Exchange students will be allowed to attend courses in the college with local students (available courses will depend on the date of exchange).

The students will attend epidemiological practice like field investigations, data management, and data analysis.


The outcome of the exchange will be an internship report and presentation using slides.


På portalen kan du läsa om Exchange Conditions för IFMSA-China: http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/20  


Ansökningen görs på IFMSA-portalen, likt de andra utbytena (läs om ansökningsprocessen här: https://www.ifmsa.se/utbyte/ansokningsprocessen/).