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Entries for August Meeting 2019 i Taiwan


General Assembly – a patty Kings perspective summarized

"By the way, many say has slept more than two hours a night on the go as it has not had the real experience, "said Olga first day in Taiwan. Aight, she drives safely but okay, I thought. Without knowing much at all about what the August meeting means, nor about Taiwan, I had submitted my application to go to the Swedish NMO:n in the spring. Everything that I should rush over, I might as well take when I'm there, I thought, and shot up all the travel fever and anxiety over things that can go wrong. Perhaps it was the right decision, the first thing I heard when I got there that I would not understand anything of what happens the first day. Said and done! Tired of opening ceremony, with 13 minute dinner break between paragraphs and then welcome party, we went up on the morning of Day 1 to make it to the breakfast buffet before session. A list of what was served, requiring a separate blog post, but it was a mixture of exciting fried streetfood-like pieces, sushi and standard continental breakfast.

I, Adrian and Nira was on Scorp session and had the luxury to be three pieces representing Sweden. Someone had apparently had to vote for two sessions from another NMO and a guy from Uzbekistan came alone. We all three were in our first GA and could ogle confused at each other when we did not understand what was happening. In between sessions consisted of various workshops, discussions, exercise debate, less lectures, etc.. And to the floor swayed by fatigue course – it there with two hours sued then apparently. Besides sessions were days filled with NMO-hour (when we discussed how we would vote the delegation), theme events och plenum, and the occasional joint session. The theme of the entire GA:t was in medical technology and theme events consisted of various lectures and panel discussion. We asked questions of the sick inspiring doctor, who all seemed to have a different view on whether doctors will be replaced by robots in the future and leave us unemployed. Exciting.

What kept us awake at night was socials, consisting (of course) av National food and drink party (The highlight in my), welcome- and goodbye party, culturenight (where OC got adjustable tender are to dance for us when no country could occur due to the plenary that dragged on) and other exciting events like the OC arranged for us, including a private Night Market. Nice. That night we went on socials ended plenary instead watch 03. Anything that came with me throughout GA was how impressed I was of those, despite lack of sleep, went to the President of the session and at every plenary, especially those that also voted for plenary. Coffee and exaltation to be there is evidently a good recipe to get by on little sleep.

It is quite interesting how full a few weeks may be – of matupplevelser, people, inspiration, project ideas, fest, laugh with the delegation and creative ways for delegates to take powernaps exciting places. Some of us in the delegation was there a few days before and after, and pulled around Taipei. Personally, I thought a lot about the city, and it was very easy to find things to do. Some began to talk at the end of the GA:eg if a typhoon that awaited, and warned resolved because it may affect flight times. The days after staying therefore most at home to avoid the rain and storm, but we were lucky when the typhoon was not the worst of Taipei. Of course I had underestimated the piece, however, and went on tour my last day to Jiufen just outside Taipei, and was rather enjoying the wind and the warning signs. The gratitude I felt when my flight was not canceled among all the others that it was "canceled" next to board up the painting was the last glorious experience in Taiwan.

I can also mention that I (although I still can not half of all abbreviations used) learned to use the alphabet in a whole new way. And I'm working on an idea for a IFMSA ciphers for myself and all the other confused out there. Finally, it must be said that typhoons should be taken seriously, and I got my punishment when speakers began yelling in the street in the city I was in, Apparently a great way to kick off the fight-or-flight with me, I discovered. In conclusion, I take with me a lot from the General Assembly in Taiwan. As a relatively new organization, my expectations were broadly that it would be overwhelming and intense, and I hoped it would be fun. It feels good to say that it exceeded all expectations, and also expectations, with marginal. Time to cheer for the next GA and anything else exciting as waiting with IFMSA!!

Best regards,
Clara Brune

Applications open for clinic- and research yields for 2020-2021


From 15 September to 15 October 23.59 you can search to get going on clinic- or research exchange with IFMSA-Sweden under 2020-2021. Clinic Exchanges addressed to medical students who completed the semester 5 semester before your exchange begins, while research exchanges can be applied by all medical students regardless of semester!

This year we offer some 50 countries to travel to around the world! Going on exchange through IFMSA-Sweden gives you the experience of medical or research in other parts of the world, new friends and communities, lessons about other cultures and an incredibly memorable experience! A total of 4 weeks where the host country arranges clinical placement or research project, accommodation and social program, and it includes one meal a day. For this you pay 3000 SEK to IFMSA-Sweden, which is money that goes directly to our exchange activities, in order to continue receiving exchange students here to Sweden!

Everything about finding replacement, what is required for each country, all the documents you need to fix up and payment, available on the website under clinic- and research yields.

So do not miss this year's coolest opportunity, search your replacement before 15 October 23.59 when the application closes!

Helpful links

Countries you can search through information on various exchanges:
Exchange Conditions:

Applications open for the public health exchanges


Are you passionate about health? Do you want to spend 1 month in Wuhan, China – and research on the link between physical activity, urban, health behaviors and obesity?

For the second year in a row, we test a new type of exchange: Public Health Exchange! It is a cross between SCOPH- and the SCOPE operations where internships are more closely connected to public health. As this is still in the start-up phase has IFMSA-Sweden just an exchange place, and this with China! Unlike our other exchanges, even non-medical students search!

The exchange is a research exchange and will take place during 4 weeks at the School of Health Sciences, Wuhan University. Searchable months are April, May, August, October or November.

If you are applying to study:

– läkarprogrammet (both clinical and pre-clinical semesters and be a graduate medical student (t.o.m 6 months after graduation)
– nursing
– Public health
– behavioral
– other courses related to health and society (“community health” “health management”).

Here you can read more about the project
Here you can find the application form

Applications close 15th October! For more information, contact [email protected] or [email protected]

application FINO 2019


Now finally the application of FINO 2019 opened!

FINO is IFMSAs Nordic meeting forum. This is where participants from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland in 4 days to be inspired and socialize. The meeting will be held this year in Iceland, 31 okay to 3 nov. The theme of the meeting this year Global Action Against Cancer: Join the fight!

FINO is a little smaller meeting with about 10 participants from each country, so it is usually called a little cozier meeting! HIf you are not previously participated in any international meeting so this is a good soft start, but also very rewarding for the more experienced members when there is a lot of time to exchange experiences with members from our neighboring countries!

We urge you to seek, new and old, regardless of previous experience. Applications will be reviewed by a selection group, and ranked among other things with regard to the earlier commitment and personal goals of the meeting. Valgruppen also trying to bring a delegation to an even distribution between local resorts.

The meeting fee is 15.000 ISK (corresponding to almost 1200 Swedish SEK) and IFMSA-Sweden sponsors a part of the fee, exact amount depends on the number of delegates, but becomes at least 750 kr. Travel is the delegate for yourself.


Iceland also arrange a social trip with more focus on tourism and fun before the meeting! It is two days before the meeting, you 29/10 and 30/10. For them to be able to start making preliminary bookings for hotels, they want to have an estimate of how many people want to go on such a trip – therefore there is a question whether it is also the entry form, but it is obviously not a binding application.


When? 31-3 november
Where? Reykjavik, Island
How? application form
Cost: That 1200 SEK deduction of at least 750 SEK in sponsorship from IFMSA-Sweden, trip paid for by the delegate
More information? Invitation Package
Application deadline? 9 september 23.59

See you in Iceland!
For questions about the meeting or the application, do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

Search for IFMSA-Sweden Board for fiscal year 2020


Application for National Board 2020 is now open!

Now you can apply to the National Board for fiscal year 2020!
Previous experience is an advantage but not a requirement, the important thing is that you are passionate about the work and the association. There is nothing to lose, do not hesitate! All members are welcome to apply.
The deadline for applications is 14:e september 2019, 23:59. You can of course search multiple records, We wish in this case an application by mail. The Nomination Committee will continuously contact the applicant for any further questions. The Board of Directors for the fiscal year 2020 selected during IFMSA-Sweden's next national holiday, 18-20 October.



Nominate a candidate with the following:
  • Candidate's contact information – Name, telephone, e-post, ev. Skype-ID
  • Intended mail

The following items are announced

The chairman is accountable and represent IFMSA-Sweden internally in the organization. Coordinate and help other board, while one looks ahead and sees the association's direction and objectives. A solid experience of expected compound!
Responsible for contact with IFMSA-Sweden's main sponsors and distinguished partners, acting secretary of the Board and assists the president on many issues. An exciting week where the handover gives you the most!
Vice-President of Internal Affairs, VPI
VPI work closely with the president of IFMSA-Sweden, but focuses on the contact with the local chairman - to coordinate their needs, help with questions and uncertainty is a major feature of the work. You are also spider in the web during the planning of national holidays, where you finally get to meet the association you care about! Experience of local board involvement is an advantage.
Vice-President of External Affairs, VPE
For those who want to represent IFMSA-Sweden under the national external meetings. You are responsible for IFMSA-Sweden's members' opinions put forward in different contexts, for example in relation to youth organizations and global health actors in Sweden. A high degree of social skills and policy interest is therefore an advantage.
VPE-mail included the former even representation of IFMSA-Sweden international, but this is covered fr.o.m. the Board of VPI and VPE is thus only responsible for the representation of national.
The treasurer is ultimately responsible for IFMSA-Sweden economic movements and financial. You work a lot with the Secretary General and the President of keeping track of the association's activities and thus have a strong insight into the association. A developmental item where personal responsibility and a high degree of integrity is assumed.
National head of the working group on human rights and peace, NORP
The entry for those who enjoy human rights and peace issues are among the most important thing! You support projects in human rights issues in Sweden, inspires and helps with existing projects and new projects started, and is responsible for the group's time for national holidays. In addition, you are part of the general work of the board and get involved where you deem appropriate.
Nationally responsible for the Working Group on Public Health, NPO
The entry for those who enjoy health amongst the most important thing! You support projects in Public Health in Sweden, inspires and helps with new projects started, and is responsible for the Public Health Group of time during national holidays. In addition, you are part of the general work of the board and get involved where you deem appropriate.
National head of the working group on sexual and reproductive health and rights, NORA
The entry for those who enjoy sexual and reproductive health and rights are among the most important thing! You support projects in SRHR in Sweden, inspires and helps with new projects started, and is responsible for SRHR group time during national holidays. In addition, you are part of the general work of the board and get involved where you deem appropriate.
Nationally responsible for incoming clinic exchanges, NEO-in
You work closely with NORE-in and take care of the students we receive in the summer, where you supply all locally active support, help and advice regarding sponsorship program. You also have a lot of contact with the students who come to Sweden for the trip, then it can often be some questions from them. A very stimulating item where you learn a lot about other cultures and have contact with many people who can become friends for life!
Nationally responsible for outbound clinic exchanges, NEO-out
You work closely with NORE-out and take care of IFMSA-Sweden clinical exchanges concerning the students traveling from Sweden to exchange. That means everything from responding to nervous questions from students who will travel from Sweden, to yourself to go off on the General Assembly in August to write exchange contracts. An incredible experience to be part of!
Nationally responsible for incoming research exchanges, NORE-in
You work closely with NRC-in and take care of the students we receive in the summer, where you supply all locally active support, help and advice regarding sponsorship program. You also have a lot of contact with the students who come to Sweden for the trip, then it can often be some questions from them. A very stimulating item where you learn a lot about other cultures and have contact with many people who can become friends for life!
Nationally responsible for starting research exchanges, NORE-out
You work closely with NRC-out and take care of IFMSA-Sweden research exchange activities on the students traveling from Sweden to exchange. That means everything from responding to nervous questions from students who will travel from Sweden, to yourself to go off on the General Assembly in August to write exchange contracts. An incredible experience to be part of!
Nationally responsible for capacity building, NIGHT
For those who are passionate about development! When someone asks for a training you can keep track of the trainers we have, and what can be offered. You also stimulates new trainings, and makes it easier for members to prepare themselves. Right now trainings and capacity building something IFMSA-Sweden focuses on developing further, This item gives you ample scope to come up with new ideas and influence how the area will look like in the future! That itself to be trainer is a plus.
operations Accountant
You're an old veteran of the association which is about to phase out your involvement, but do not really want to let go than. You are one of two that together examines what the National Board held separately in the year, go through the budget and reports and to assure you that the business does not deviate from the purpose of the association. The item could mean almost no involvement in the year, without the performance to be achieved is an audit report before the council in February, when you produce your report to the council and recommend discharge or not. A nice way to end their involvement in the, but constitutes old engagement in compound.
Election Committee
The nomination committee's task is to submit a proposal to the council about who should sit in next year's Board. The Nomination Committee is responsible for all the candidates will be interviewed and assessed fair. It requires pretty good knowledge about the organization and what the other responsible posts in the association means.
You like spelling, You know how to post great photos on instagram, and like to shoot! In everyday life, you will keep track of IFMSA-Sweden's facebook page and be responsible for the proper operation - how you do it, is entirely up to you. You are also responsible for the website and register of members. During national holidays, use the association camera to take photos and keep instagram / twitter / public pep started. A not particularly burdensome record that still can be very stimulating and get you involved in board work.
You do not have to shoot, but knows how to delegate? Bra! When the problem is solved.
Vice President for International Affairs, VPIA
IFMSA is an international association, and that's where you come in! You work closely with the President to coordinate and organize international delegations we send, You are also diligent in itself represent IFMSA-Sweden in various contexts. A high degree of social skills, knowledge of international structures and policy interest is therefore an advantage.
VPI is a record that is announced for the first time in years. Its work has previously been done by VPE now instead will focus only on the external representation nationally and internationally no longer. We are announcing VPI as an official record, but there is, however, a proposal for a constitutional amendment for this to become a Board member with voting rights. This decision will be taken at the Annual Meeting.

Additional information about the items

  • Stadgeinstruktioner (goo.gl/5YpL4O) § 5.3.
  • At the concerns please contact the committee or present Board
  • All questions are good questions!

Good luck!

Entries for EuRegMe2019 in Russia


“Russian Visa – Easier than you think!” 😀
How nice, I thought, in March when I bläddade through Russian power Pointe with pepper&prepp before IFMSAs European meeting EuRegMe. The visa's a story in itself. Behaved we are sending me and my Scanians away our passports in the mail in time before we would go. Four weeks of cyber silence from the visa company later we learned that our passports were at the Coop in Gothenburg. Well. The company had put, a new company has taken over. Our applications were invalid. If at square one again, except that it was a so-so two weeks until we could go.

Too long didn’t read: Russian show is Easier than you think.

In the end, we were in all cases outside the central station of Lund with passports in hand, and the trip to St. Petersburg could begin. We uploaded a few days of sightseeing in St. Petersburg before the actual meeting. I really recommend it – IFMSA schemas quickly becomes quite packed with activities. It was glorious days of lost walking among beautiful facades, stair climbing in known cathedral and hang museum. Ice cream in the sun in front of the Winter Palace, Russian pancake and walks along water. And not least the fascinating discovery that the supermarket in St. Petersburg importing canned Peach from Sweden

But Peach and walking in all the glory – it was after all EuRegMe we were there.

It was especially gratifying to meet with the Swedish delegation – which largely consisted of the old FINO delegation from 2018. Our final words to each other was the fact “ses i St-Petersburg!” (aa fat chance, I thought then, Optimist that I am, but as we stood there and hugged on Russian soil). A few minutes after the Swedish gang had found each other and Skåne also managed to spoil the mood by taking a skånsk (very nice) Delegation image began meeting with the Opening Ceremony.

We got to listen to Paulina, Regional Director, who gave a speech, Russian OC who sang songs and some other well and mixed. The highlight of the ceremony was a fantastic speakers from UNAIDS. He gave an inspiring speech about global health, AIDS and the role of youth in achieving global goals – including stopping HIV and AIDS. After the Opening Ceremony, we stood and hung, our dear VPE with the Swedish flag on the back. Then crept UNAIDS guy up to us to mingle. He finally asked if he could take a selfie with the Swedish delegation. There he. Jag recognizes. I was a bit off the truck it there, like that one gets when UN toppersoner comes up and wants to talk, and then it was my week made.

Logistically, it was also a good meeting. The facilities were good, the food was okay. As a vegetarian, you are as well accustomed to the food is not perfect around the world. Besides Russian protein bars was my diet during the week of:

  • pancakes (breakfast)
  • Corn
  • Tomato
  • Ketchup
  • Coffee

It was sort it? Had to turn, it was not a mile-long queue to laying the table – then you could snatch a couple of slices of cheese also, if it was quick. There were in all cases, coffee, and it is actually the only vital

The facilities were fantastic. My session was held on the top floor – floor 18 overlooking the entire city. I just have to say it – all the gold in St. Petersburg words! It really looks like someone has taken the whole St. Petersburg, turned the city upside down, dippat the gold and then put everything back again.









Sessions itself was also good. I went on Scorp-session. We talked about international humanitarian law, nuclear weapons and little TPNW (Thus, the international agreement proposes to ban nuclear weapons – especially interesting because IFMSA-Sweden working on the issue under the leadership of our wonderful President – remains to be seen whether Sweden sign the agreement or not – over and out). We discussed discrimination, children's rights and migration. Classic Scorp-session, I dare say.

Theme events were also on schedule. Here, external speakers were invited. UNAIDS man was there again (<3) – as good as last time. With him this time, he had a panel with really professional panelists. In sum – bra event!

One evening we went on the night walk through St. Petersburg. It was really lovely! It was nice to get out, relax and just get the hang little – and also see St P By Night. Actually a different experience than St P By Day. The highlight was still winter palace, lit with lamps in the darkness. Besides the pleasant company. Plus an interesting blue glowing ball we got past.

Last night it was time for the classic National Food and drinking party. It's become a tradition for the Swedish delegation to offer roars, most to observe the facial expressions of the people who are brave enough to taste. We also got to sing for our children birthday of the Swedish delegation – fun!

The last day it was time for, trumvirvel, plenum. I have never been to the plenary earlier, but looked forward to it. Plenum is kind IFMSAs parliament. On EuRegMe is obviously a smaller version than the General Assembly's, because it is only the European countries who vote. Although there was a plenary experience. I'm really fascinated by the many NMO-presidential. they succeed (with more or less success, hehe) keep track of how full court process works, what their own delegation think, how the open discussions go in the room, how the smaller open discussions go in the room, what is said, what is not said. In addition, the plenary a mini-mirror of Europe, because the delegations' views, at least to some extent reflects the country as a whole. COOL.

In a plenary session that lasted until midnight Closing Ceremony was slightly delayed. Think we started half past one in the night. However, it was definitely worth it to stay awake. We danced well into the wee hours, Swedish delegations gathered again.

A lovely ending to a glorious meeting!

Matilda Stjernqvist

Report from the March Meeting 2019 in Slovenia

Now IFMSA-Sweden report by the General Assembly in Slovenia between 1-7 mars. The report includes both personal reports from all delegates, and reports from the various working groups! Nice reading.

The report can here!

Do you want to go on exchange in the fall or winter?

Fancy an adventure autumn-winter 2019-2020? If you want to develop your clinical skills, take part of health care in another country and meet medical students from around the world? Go on exchange with IFMSA!

The table below lists the countries and periods are available. It is also extremely important that you read the Exchange Conditions (press the green plus sign for the country's name) for the country you are interested in before applying to see if you meet the requirements of the host country imposes on you as an exchange student. If you have applied and paid the deposit but does not meet the exchange conditions, the fee is not refunded. To go on a clinic exchange requires that you complete the preclinical semesters at the time of the exchange. If you already have an exchange place this exchange, you can not search the residual space.

We also have a free clinic exchange in Egypt in August! Deadline to submit application forms and documents for this is 31/4. Interested? Contact [email protected] urgently!

Read more

How do I?

Contact [email protected] latest 14 april.

The email should include the following:

  • Name and lokalort
  • Desired country and period
  • Which semester you reads currently
  • Ev past / current activity in IFMSA
Land Number of places Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Deadline Special remarks Exchange Conditions
Colombia 1 6 months before the start of the exchange Requirements in Spanish (site certificate is required). http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/21
Costa Rica 1 3 months before the start of the exchange Requirements fluent Spanish (site certificate is required). Applicants must have completed at least 1 Clinical course at the time of the exchange. http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/22
Egypt 1 3 months before the start of the exchange Is it possible to go in August 2019. The deadline to submit your application and documents are then 31/4. Contact NRC-out as soon as possible! http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/27
Finland 1 4 months before the start of the exchange English Certificate is required. Applicants must have completed clinical course in the specialty as desired. http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/31
Greece 1 •* •** 4 months before the start of the exchange *Period december: 20/11-20/12 **period January: 7/1-7/2 Requires official English certificate. http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/35
Italy 1 4 months before the start of the exchange http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/44
Israel 1 •* •* 3 months before the start of the exchange *With the exception of certain national holidays, vg se Exchange Conditions http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/43
Canada 2 7 months before the start of the exchange Only students tuition 10 and 11. Requires medical examination (Immigration medical exam) of private practitioners in Stockholm. There is also the cost of insurance malpractise ($200-$750 CAD). http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/16
Kanada-Quebec 1 7 Mon (McGill) 5 Mon (Montreal, Sherbrooke, Laval) Only students tuition 10 and 11. McGill University is engelsskpråkigt. For other required fluent French skills. Requires medical examination (Immigration medical exam) of private practitioners in Stockholm. Cost of malpractise insurance will at some locations. http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/17
Poland 1 4 months before the start of the exchange Insurance Fee (110 PLN) payable on arrival. http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/73
Serbia 1 •* 3 months before the start of the exchange *period January: 15/1-13/2 http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/79

National Weekend in Linköping, 3-5 May


Welcome to National Weekend (NH) in Linköping 3-5 May!

Every year IFMSA-Sweden three meetings where members from across the country gather to talk about public health and global health, to meet new friends and reconnect with old. NH is as much for the experienced project active as the brand sparkling new member who most curious. Over the weekend, workshops, lectures and sessions with IFMSAs workshops to be held, and IFMSA-Linkoping files on a social program so that benefits can be balanced with pleasure.

Some practical info:
– Registration opens today 30/3 and you must be a member of IFMSA to sign up. Members will be on ifmsa.se. The link to the report is available here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd6QLLgeKQxBaOTLeVraywKJhGEo58didZkAeZ9jOgLCJ6CBg/viewform
– Registration closes one week later, at 23:59 the 6/4, so be sure to cheer everyone you know until! Places are limited, so hurry. After registration has closed, you will know if you get a seat or not.
– The weekend is being from about noon 17:00 on Friday at about noon 13:00 on Sunday.
– Participating in NH costs 250 kr – then you accommodation, food and activities.
– After NH will be able to apply for travel grants for the ticket from your lokalort to Linköping.
Travel refunds maximum ceiling is following (SEK / participant):
Gothenburg: 1000 kr
North: 1800 kr
Skåne: 1000 kr
Stockholm: 500 kr
Uppsala: 600 kr
Örebro: 500 kr

If you have concerns or questions, please contact [email protected]

Welcome to Linköping!

/ IFMSA-Sweden and IFMSA-Linkoping

The application to the General Assembly, August Meeting 2019 i Taiwan

General Assembly (GA) is IFMSA:s largest international meeting forum. Here you will meet students from IFMSA:s 133 member organizations for a week to exchange experiences, decide IFMSA:the future, inspired and socialize. The next meeting will be held in Taipei, Taiwan 1-7 August. Obviously, Sweden on site!

We urge you to seek, new and old, regardless of previous experience. Applications will be reviewed by a selection group, and ranked among other things with regard to the earlier commitment and personal goals of the meeting. Valgruppen also trying to bring a delegation to an even distribution between local resorts.

On the GA working representatives of our working groups to improve their projects and spread them to new countries. Major decisions affecting the entire Federation will be and next year's international Board elected. In accordance with the theme of the meeting is also held lectures and other fun. All this is interspersed with the social program consisting of unbeatable celebrations (guaranteed multicultural elements) and opportunities to get to know people from all over the world.

With Swedish passport, so it should not require a visa to Taiwan, If you have any other nationality as may be required. It is your responsibility to review and fix visas, but if you think you will need to apply for a visa to go to GA, tick it on the question at the bottom of your application to be able to help you in the best way.

Charge: The meeting fee is 425 €, which partially charge paid by IFMSA-Sweden, that 200 € sponsored by Delegate. Travel to / from Taiwan funded by the delegate himself.

The application can be found here: https://forms.gle/ZexCe3oY39mQCpeo9
Deadline for applications is 4/4 at 23:59!

For questions about GA and international involvement, contact [email protected]