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Residual points for clinical yield 2020-2021

Restplatser för kliniskt utbyte 2020-2021

Now we have a number of residual seats for clinical exchange season 2020-2021! Do not miss the coolest opportunity – the opportunity to search!

Clinic Exchanges addressed to medical students who completed the semester 5 Before the exchange begins. The deadline to apply is Sunday 8/12. The sites are then distributed according to the priority system.

Our exchanges organized on a voluntary basis by medical students in each country's membership. As outgoing offered you four-week internship at a hospital, at least one meal a day, as well as accommodation in the dorm room or home of a local student. During the internship period organized a social program where you together with other exchange students from around the world get to experience what the host country has to offer!

You can apply to go on exchange during the period 1/4 2020 – 31/3 2021. Unless otherwise noted, the cost of exchange 3000 SEC.

Note it is very important that you read the exchange conditions (Exchange Conditions) for the country you are interested in, before seeking! You must ensure that you meet your desired country to language requirements or terminating affiliation. Here you will find the conditions for the country. In terms can also read about the document, certificates and declarations that you will need to submit your Application Form, and which cities and periods are selectable in the country.

Here is a list of the most traveled places that can be searched:

Land / NMO: Number of places: Month: Other: exchange Terms:
Algeria 1 - - http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/99
Belgium 1 July 2020 Requirements in French http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/101
Ecuador 1 - Requirements in Spanish http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/26
Egypt 1 - - http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/27
France 1 - Requirements in French http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/32
Greece 2 July 2020 - http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/35
Jordan 1 - - http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/47
Kurdistan (Iraq) 1 - - http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/42
Kuwait 1 - - http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/50
Oman 2 - - http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/65
Russia 1 - - http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/76
Singapore 2 Fall Winter 2020-2021 NOTE Singapore requires that the application is submitted 9 months before replacement starter, Thus the exchange autumn / winter 2020. It is not possible to go in the summer 2020. http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/124
Spain 1 - Spanish advantageous, not claim http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/83
Switzerland 1 - Requirements in French or German http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/86
Tartarstan (Russia) 1 - - http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/88
Germany 1 July 2020 German advantageous, not claim http://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange/scope/explore/conditions/view/33

Apply in the form below, or in open new tab.