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More Donate!

More Donate! is to encourage students to donate blood, organ and bone marrow. The project is currently active in Skåne and Uppsala.

Blood donation is an important foundation to support the critical need for blood available in our hospital in the country. Many students can actually imagine giving blood, nevertheless, it will be in the round 80 % of the cases, "never". The fact is that medical students are underrepresented among donors and so we do not think it should be! Also, Sweden is the highest in Europe in terms of people's willingness to donate organs, with 85 % of the Swedish population are in favor of donating their organs after their death, but donation numbers are low – often when one's position has not been known among relatives. Through lectures and workshops for nursing students, we tried to encourage more people to take the step to write up as donors of blood, organ or bone marrow. We also try to simplify givningen example by cooperation with Blodbussen who has come to the campus!

In Scania we also arrange workshops in venipuncture for medical students at the preclinical semesters. This is because students have expressed uncertainty about these operations, while the ability to conduct these tests can be expected on the clinical semesters. In connection with our workshops, we discuss about the donation and the importance of this.

If you are interested in starting up this important project again, just to hear you!

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