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Health and Sustainability Project

Climate- and changes in the environment is our greatest public health challenge. HOHP started to highlight the link between these challenges and public health, and to get more care students to talk about these issues. We want to raise awareness and actively work to prevent the health problems that we will face as future health professionals.

HOHP is a platform for those interested in developing their commitment, but also to arouse interest in people who have not thought along these lines before. We are including lectures, workshops, discussion groups and working to have influence on our education. By getting into the sustainability of the courses we can get more useful knowledge to use both in our future careers but also now as nursing students.

Health and sustainability of the project is a project that is currently available locally in IFMSA-Scania, and has officially been a project since February 2019. It is of course warmly welcome if other cities want to work or start up HOHP his place also.

Do you want to get involved or learn more, please keep in touch!

Mail: [email protected]
Facebook: HOHP – Health and Sustainability project IFMSA Scania (facebook.com/hohpifmsa) or HOHP Working group engaged.
Instagram: hohpifmsa