Iinc: Institute for Indian Mother and Child

Institute for Indian Mother and Child, Iinc, is a local non-profit organization Kolkata, If, who fight for children- and maternal health care and read- literacy through various projects. In Sweden, IIMC is run as a project within IFMSA-Sweden for which the main activity is fundraising and volunteering.

In India, operated business in India's third largest city Kolkata and surrounding villages in West Bengal. IIMC founded 1989 of the Indian physician Dr.. Sujit Kumar Brahmochary with the goal of providing the rural poor with basic health- care. Since then, the organization has expanded and evolved to include training- and sponsorship programs, economic and socio-cultural projects, agriculture and production. Today IIMC a comprehensive construction projects and includes more than 300.000 people.

In Sweden IIMC as a cooperation project between IFMSA-Sweden, the Swedish, ideella organisationen Mother and Child Health Association (MACHA). IIMC currently working locally in Stockholm, Linköping and Uppsala.


Website: http://macha.se
Facebook: Mother and Child Health Association
Email: [email protected]