Surgical methods and techniques used in many of the doctor's specialist areas. It is a subject that is taught at all medical training in Sweden under the "surgeon term" often is around seven or eight semester. This means that students in the early years of their education does not come close to these areas. In surgery and anesthesia is very much on practical experiences – we want to give them!

The project aims to broaden knowledge of surgery and anesthesia. We want to facilitate practical learning in a relaxed environment. With older students as instructors get these experiences to take with them into the role of future supervisors. The project would give medical students a greater knowledge about the surgical specialty, everything from workshops, lectures and journal clubs in global surgery to basic suturing technique. We would also point out that surgical techniques is not something that only those who choose to specialize in surgery will need to master. There is a width in the subject that is often forgotten.

KirUme is currently only active in Umeå, i.e. IFMSA-North. For questions, contact Rachel Bremell on kirume@ı