Peru Project


Sembrando Esperanza Peru can be roughly translated as "to sow a seed of hope for Peru". The project runs a treatment center for tuberculosis sufferers, socially vulnerable individuals in Lima, Peru.

The socially vulnerable individuals who live on the street live under poor living conditions that make them vulnerable to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis. These people usually have little or no training and therefore find it difficult to defend their rights. They are often discriminated against when they seek care, and because they lack the financial means so they rarely have access to health care. The people who received the treatment that we help to drive in Lima receiving treatment for his illness, mat, shelter and social jacking. The goal is for them to get healthy and get away from life on the street. As they have become healthier, so they depend on their own interest, help with training or finding work.

The project team in Gothenburg helps arrange financing by finding sponsors and organize events like pub nights and lectures. The actual work of Lima, local people in place with the teacher and social worker Jenny Huaman Sulca headed. We provide also a volunteer exchange project providing health care students from Sweden a possibility of on-site experience how the care for these vulnerable individuals working in Peru. IFMSA-Sweden's biggest task is to arrange financing for the project. We also convey volunteers to the home in Lima.


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In order to contribute financially to the project, you can add funds to Bankgirocentralen 298-5273 or swish 123 189 5044.