Mental Health Project

Do you want to take on the next big challenge in
Public Health? Then it's mental health project (POP) You should invest in!

Mental Health Project (POP) have been formed against the background of the increasingly
increasing mental illness in society. The group with the common conditions that
anxiety, depression, self-destructive behaviors and suicide are increasing most are among
our children and young people, our future citizens.

The purpose of the POP is to give children and young people vital knowledge about what
mental health is and give them the tools to prevent and manage
the onset of mental health problems in themselves and in people in their vicinity.

In place in schools, we talk directly with students about mental health and
create a dialog about what mental illness is, How to prevent it and was
You can get help. These call-outs we call "pop-ups". POP is addressed
to students in middle school and high school level.

For our own members, we organize among others. lectures and video evenings on
the theme of mental health. Please come with your own ideas about what you want to see
internally within POP!

The project was started in February 2016. At present, the project is active in
Gothenburg, North, Scania, Stockholm and Uppsala and start-up is planned also in
Orebro. The goal is to establish ourselves at all 7 locations where IFMSA-Sweden
available today.

Welcome to become a part of POP!

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