STEP stands for Sudan Tropical Exchange Programs. This is a unique opportunity for you to see and learn about the diseases that we rarely see in the Nordic countries, to experience a new country and its culture and to study and socialize with medical students from around the world!

STEP is an international course in tropical medicine which is held annually in Sudan, mostly in capital Khartoum. The project started in 2009 of our sister association, Medicine-Sudan.

The project's purpose is to:

1. Provide theoretical and clinical training on tropical diseases such as malaria, leprosy and schistosomiasis

2. Highlighting its impact on communities

3. The clinical service, help the victims.

The course includes instruction in lectures, clinical and laboratory practice. At the end you travel using a "medical mission", which means to give out information, medical examination and free treatment for a ruralt society. All this must be of the STEP – of course not forgetting the social program of excursions and the rich Sudanese culture!

As the project team in Sweden we are two coordinators who market STEP to arouse interest in this fantastic opportunity, in the hope that as many students or recent graduates from Sweden as possible to seek and possibly involved in the project. We are in contact with coordinators in Sudan and other countries.

Vend Ella and Henrietta
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