AIDS race


Do you running training is much fun and believes that sexual and reproductive health is important? Then AIDS The race is for you!

Today there are about 6400 people in Sweden with known hivdiagnos and this figure continues to increase each year. Living with HIV often means to be treated with ignorance, prejudices and unjustified fears or rejection. By increasing the level of knowledge about HIV / AIDS issues, we can reduce the stigma and discrimination of those currently living with the disease, while preventing new cases by lowering the threshold for HIV testing.

project Description

AIDS The race is an educational course for increased knowledge of HIV / AIDS issues. The course participants can choose to walk or run. On site at the race start and finish area is a network of organizations all working in reproductive health and HIV / AIDS issues. This gives participants an opportunity to learn and broad knowledge, discuss and ask questions to the experts on this subject in the most engaging manner possible. Often there are also inspirational speakers in place. When HIV issues mentioned in the society, it is often in a very negative context, This years focus instead on how young people can get involved and how to make a positive impact!

Entry fees will be donated to organizations working on HIV / AIDS issues and research.

If you are interested to get involved?

Project groups are now active in:

IFMSA-Stockholm: for more info email stockholm [a]
IFMSA-Scania: for more info email skane [a]

Are you studying at a lokalort currently do not have an active project? level nora @ to find out more how you can start up the race even at your university.

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