Kärleksakuten is a Swedish nonprofit sexual activities mainly run by medical students. The organization started as a project within IFMSA already 1999, is a business for Welfare and available at all locations where there is a medical. The number of members amounts to more than 200. The purpose is to try to give young people the knowledge and tools of thinking about sexuality and values. interactive lectures, games and valuation exercises are used to encourage the group to discuss and ask questions.

Kärleksakuten sees its mission to educate and talk to young people about sex- and coexistence issues, which will be based on Swedish legislation and the vision that every person is special, the unique and everyone has equal value. Active in Kärleksakuten to follow and enforce the policy in the activities that take place within Kärleksakuten. The policy emphasizes the importance of strengthening individual and group self-esteem and the value of respecting each other's differences.

Year 2009 jubilerade Kärleksakuten with 10 years of sexual activity, and was also nominated for Knowledge Award. Year 2010 won Kärleksakuten National Encyclopaedia Knowledge Award in the category Social movements / organizations, on the ground:"Kärleksakuten to these young medical students spread knowledge to young people aged 13-19 years of love, emotions and sexuality. With innovative methods succeed Kärleksakuten affect young people's views on important issues such as relationships, sexuality, porn, body ideal, values, equality and self-image. "