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SCORP Camp 2015

SCORP Camp 2015


At the end of August, 80 people from all over the world to the Children's Island in Stockholm. They come to learn more about human rights and their role in health care.

IFMSA-Sweden has the honor to organize Scorp Camp (23-28/8). It is the training week IFMSA:Working Group on Human Rights and Peace (Standing Committee for Human Rights and Peace) organizes once a year. Week four parallel trainings: Training New Human Right Trainers, Traning New Trainers, International Peer Education Training focusing on sexualupplysning, as well as the brand new train no Human Rights for Medical Practitioners: Advanced Training in Human Rights and Ethical Principles in Clinical Settings. In the first three transpiration Association will be officially trainer within IFMSA and is therefore authorized to give their own workshops.

When the experience is over waiting another: some of the participants will namely to participate in the Post Scorp-Camp (28-30/8). This is a tourist trip where we get the chance to show our international friends Sweden and Swedish summer - and because we are many locals who have taken the initiative we aim to show them all sides of the Stockholm!

SCORP Camp has its own website. There you will find all the information about the meeting. Here we present opportunities for those who want to be involved even before the camp! Are you eager to volunteer, conjure with social media, maybe shoot a promotional film?

Right now we are looking for committed members who want help with:

  • Social media
  • Create funny short films
  • Sponsor during the camp

Keep an eye on this page for opportunities, or email us still prefer the hello @ scorpcamp.se

Welcome to share the adventure with us!!