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Health Care in Danger

Health Care in Danger – Ethical Principles of Health Care in Conflicts and Other Emergencies

The violence against health professionals increases, In Sweden and abroad. The war has health professionals become targets, while ambulance nurses and other professionals warn of a more threatening living at home. The development is a direct danger to health professionals and patients' lives, but it also threatens the availability of healthcare and damage confidence in healthcare.

By increasing awareness of human rights, IHL (law of war) and medical ethics, we strengthen the mandate for health professionals to work as a neutral body, with the patient's best interests. We will increase the capacity of students through the symposium, lectures, trainings and panel discussions.


Taking off from the Red Cross project Health Care in Danger

IFMSAs project Health Care in Danger is based in part on the International Red Cross Committee of Governors campaign Healthcare in Danger as they kept 2014-2015. Committee's campaign aimed to highlight violence against health professionals on the international policy agenda and has had a major impact. Today, works such as the World Health Organization to develop research in order to obtain good facts.

At present, the project is inactive when the Red Cross has changed its campaign. In today's situation is unfortunately substance only more important, and if you are interested in starting up new partnerships, only to hear from you [email protected]!