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IFMSA is a non-profit organization for health care students working with humanitarian issues and international understanding. We in IFMSA Scania come from different semesters and program and plugs in Lund, Malmo and Helsingborg. As active within IFMSA Scania you have the opportunity to participate in international conferences, go on exchanges in other countries and participate in local projects including teddy doctor or sex educator. We are working to broaden the perspective on medicine, by incorporating humanitarian aspects, global aspects and concrete opportunities to contribute to the exchange of knowledge through our various projects. For more information about our projects and our board is under the tabs on the side.

A fine thing of the association is that we are all students and ourselves have been using the same exam anxiety (and perhaps exam!) you yourself, so much business is suited to studies and other interests - non liability demanding specific measures there is thus ample! With that said, there is also plenty of positions of responsibility in which you can develop in an area that suits you. As active in IFMSA can show up on a mysföreläsning or go away away on a global conference - you decide where to set the bar!

Membership is free, and disposed of in a minute by creating a user account here at ifmsa.se. trivial perhaps,, but membership is the easiest way to show their support for the association of. You can subscribe to IFMSA-Sweden's national newsletter comes out once a month and follow us on Facebook, so you do not miss anything exciting happening. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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