active projects


Winnie The hospital is working to defuse the hospital visit and give children a positive image of health care. We do this by going out to the nursery where we talk about the body, and we hold a reception for children's teddy bears and try to cure their ailments.

Isabella Aflaki
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Livh stands for Medical- and Caring Students Informs Care and Health. We visit SFI classes and talking about health and disease, how care in Sweden is organized, where to turn himself in different situations and what you have rights and responsibilities as a patient. The right to health is also right to information!

Phuong Do
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”Kärleksakuten is a project that goes to schools and sex education. Kärleksakuten also organize lectures for university students.”

Charlotte Niemeyer
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IIMC is a non-governmental organization that works to improve women's and children's health in Kolkata, If. As nursing students is the opportunity to go as a volunteer to Kolkata and locally, we organize various activities to support and recognize the work in India.

Pernilla Tribe
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More Donate

give love, Giving blood is a public health project working to more medical students to give blood. We also venpunktionsworkshops, where the practice of taking blood samples.

Hanna Djerf
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AIDS course

AIDS race is a charity run, 5 or 10 kilometer, in order to raise money to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS in the world and disseminate information on the clinical picture. At the same time, it is a fun event where mainly students inspired to move. All the money will go to Doctors Without Borders.

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POP - Mental ill-project aims to inform schoolchildren about mental health and illness. The project aims to raise awareness of mental illness, prevent its occurrence, and to reduce the stigma which we want to achieve by going into schools and informing school- and high school.