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Search for responsible for clinical exchanges (member of IFMSA Stockholm Board)

Sök till ansvarig för kliniska utbyten (medlem i IFMSA Stockholms styrelse)

deadline Saturday 2 december kl. 23:59

Applications should be sent to [email protected]

All Swedish-speaking students can apply regardless of field of study


what is offered:

  • you get valuable contacts to clinic managers, of these, you can be of great benefit when you yourself are looking for a job in healthcare (t.ex. summer job, substitute, AT)
  • for medical students: you get the opportunity to go on a clinical exchange or research exchange type wherever you want in the summer 2019 or 2020, the exchange is one month in July, so you do not miss any of your semester (in order to be able to go on an exchange yourself, it is assumed that you are a medical student, Unfortunately, international IFMSA does not currently offer exchanges for other programs)
  • you get to meet medical students from around the world who become your new international friends, you will meet these in Sthlm in July and you will also be in email contact during the spring
  • you will have the opportunity to participate yourself in the social program for the exchange students in July, IFMSA pays, among other things. coffee, entrance fees, etc.. – and above all, you have access to a fun program throughout July in the company of international medical students and the sponsors from KI – this will be your funniest summer ever 🙂
  • you are a member of IFMSA Stockholm's board, IFMSA is a global medical student organization and having been on the board is a merit on your CV regardless of where you go after / during your studies


What is expected:

  • you check with the clinics who can receive exchange students and confirm the exchange places before the summer
  • be in contact with incoming exchange students about the practicalities
  • recruits the sponsors who handle the social activities for the exchange students during July
  • keeps track of the economy
  • cooperates with other exchange managers (locally responsible for research exchange)


IFMSA supports with a budget for all social events and coffee etc.. for sponsor recruitment. National exchange managers supervise how the task is to be handled and answer questions.


In addition, you can be a member of IFMSA Stockholm's board and influence IFMSA:s business, as well as being involved in arranging other fun events (t.ex. national weekend for 150 medical- and nursing students in February)!


You will find more information in the facebook event: