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SUMMER OPPORTUNITY – Registration for GA has now been opened!

What is the General Assembly?
General Assembly (GA) is IFMSA:s largest international meeting held twice a year, in March and August. Here, participants from IFMSA meet:s 139 member organizations, to exchange experiences during an intensive week, decide IFMSA:the future, inspired and socialize. The next meeting will be held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast 1-7 August 2023. Of course, IFMSA-Sweden will be on site!
We encourage you to apply, new and old, regardless of previous experience. Applications will be reviewed by a selection group, and ranked among other things with regard to the earlier commitment and personal goals of the meeting. Valgruppen also trying to bring a delegation to an even distribution between local resorts.
What's happening at GA?
On the GA working representatives of our working groups to improve their projects and spread them to new countries. Major decisions affecting the entire Federation will be and next year's international Board elected. In accordance with the theme of the meeting is also held lectures and other fun. All this is interspersed with the social program consisting of unbeatable parties and opportunities to get to know people from all over the world.
Information regarding costs and other charges:
– The participation fee will be fully sponsored by IFMSA-Sweden, therefore, delegates do not have to pay the delegation fee themselves. This includes the program, accommodation and food.
– Travel costs for the trip to and from Abidjan are paid for by the participant himself. The travel cost is estimated to be somewhere between 15 000 SEK where approx 13 000 SEK is based on the cost of travel between Stockholm and Abidjan. The remaining sum is estimated to be spent on the application and the acquisition of a visa to the Ivory Coast. Also the cost of travel insurance and vaccinations (against yellow fever is a requirement, other vaccines are recommendations) is added if the participant does not already have it.
The deadline for applications is April 7 at 23:59. For questions about GA and international involvement, contact [email protected]