Are you ready to take the next step? There are many opportunities for you to join either as part of a project or in a leading role in a project. The projects are divided in the five working groups below. Bold indicates first names (We've brought some abbreviations, if you noticed).

SCOPH = Standing Committee on Public Health
SCORA = Standing Committee on Reprodutive Health and AIDS
SCORP = Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace
SCOPE = Standing Committee on Professional Exchange
SCORE = Standing Committee on Research Exchange



An international project (Teddy Bear Hospital) which in Sweden is operated primarily for preschool children who habituated in at health professionals, white coats and stethoscopes when we care students take care of the children's teddy bears. Like Winnie Hospital on Facebook

Institute of Indian Mother and Child (Iinc)

An international project based in India, which in Sweden is operated by the organization Mother and Child Health Association (MACHA).
Contact: [email protected]

Medical Students for more organ donation (LFMOD)

LFMOD is a new project within IFMSA Stockholm and its sister organization in Gothenburg. We believe that the donation issue is not getting enough attention in the medical program, which we want to change! Currently waiting closer 850 people in new bodies and 1 person dies in the week because of the long queues. Increased knowledge among today's nursing students may lead to increased knowledge in the workplace. Through involvement in LFMOD you get the opportunity to lecture and educate other students.

Contact: [email protected]

Mental ill-project (POP)

Mental ill-project informs youth in place in schools about mental health and illness. We hope to increase awareness of, prevention in, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. For IFMSA members we organize theme nights with lectures, films and workshops on campus. Welcome to engage you in the next major challenge in public health, become an important part of POP!

Contact: [email protected]

Sexual and reproductive health and rights – scores

AIDS course - NEW!

IFMSA start up AIDS run again! This is an old standing projects due to lack of commitment on hold, and finally have a bunch of motivated and lovely KI students has started the race again. The goal is to collect as much as possible to the Red Cross work in HIV / AIDS. You can enhance the project, be functionary over and run. Join the AIDS bore Facebook group.

Kärleksakuten (KA)

Kärleksakuten (KA) is a IFMSA-business for Welfare and available at all locations where there is a medical. In KA, you give young people the knowledge and tools of thinking about sexuality and values. interactive lectures, games and valuation exercises are used to encourage the group of young people to discuss and ask questions - such as nursing student, you help these people into the adult world. Like Kärleksakuten on Facebook.

Human Rights – SCORP

Care For All (VFA)

A basic human right is the right to medical care, even undocumented migrants in Sweden. If we are passionate about the maintenance of human rights worldwide, start by making a difference locally with us in Care For All Group. We collect Personal Care, train health students about changes in legislation regarding undocumented right to care and give you as a student the opportunity to work for an equitable care locally. Join care for everyone's Facebook group

Medical- and nursing students Informs and Care and Health (Livh)

Do you want to train you in public speaking? Livh is one of our major projects where you as a nursing student goes out to Swedish For Immigrants classes and talks about how the Swedish healthcare system works. How to apply medical center? When you go to the emergency room? As for the exercise and diet? A good opportunity for us to make a big difference for new Swedes, while we train our personal qualities of leadership and speaking ability. Join Livh Stockholm Facebook group

clinical exchanges – SCOPE

This working group organizes Nordic's share of clinical exchanges, we receive 20-25 medical students over a period of about 5 weeks each summer. There are two possibilities to work on this for you: 1) Responsible for Clinical exchanges (LEO) or 2) Summer sponsor of the social program for the students who come here in summer exchange.

Contact our managers in Stockholm : [email protected]

Forskningsutbyten – SCORE

Summer exchanges have also a replacement for medical students who graduate instead of going to the clinic. You can also see work with two things, namely 1) Research Outcomes sans lasting (LORE) or 2) Summer sponsor of the social program for the students who come here in summer exchange.

Contact our managers in Stockholm : [email protected]