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Summer exchange students 2015

Summer exchange students 2015

Are you coming to Stockholm this summer?!

IFMSA Stockholm is right now super stoked to receive 41 (!) awesome medical students from all over the world for this summer’s IFMSA exchange period!

Our LEOs Martin Balsvik and Louise Forlin, one of our LOREs Shervin Khosousi, and our Local President Gustaf Drevin are responsible for your stay in Stockholm, and we have been planning for months to make this stay the best possible. Our second LORE, Biying Huang, could unfortunately not be in the city during the summer, but her work in arranging your research placements has been extraordinary.

Martin is responsible for the Social Program this year together with Shervin, and they have been planning your stay here for months! Louise and Gustaf will also help to arrange your stay, together with a big and great team of Contact Persons that we hope will not only be your contacts in Stockholm but also be your friends even after you leave Sweden.

Apart from us being your guides, dinner friends, swimming partners, and game referees, we will also be there to, first and foremost, answer any questions regarding you professional stay in the city. Martin and Shervin e-mailed you a contact the other day, there you find our contact details and shorter descriptions of ourselves.

Welcome to Stockholm, fellow IFMSA:ers!

/The Stockholm exchange team 2015

Photo legend: Some photos of the contact persons’ group from the preparation meeting on July 6. LEOs Martin Balsvik and Louise Forling and LORE Shervin Khosousi marked with names. Photos: IFMSA Stockholm