Home Internationally Trainings Educate yourself to an international trainer in Wales!

Educate yourself to an international trainer in Wales!

Utbilda dig till en internationell Trainer i Wales!

unique opportunity: Educate yourself to an international trainer in Wales in March!

Medsin UK invites right now for a Training of Trainers New (TNT)-training near Bangor in Wales the weekend of 27-29 mars. Are you interested in learning lots of tricks to be able to inspire other people while developing your own leadership and rhetoric in an exciting training formats? Take the chance and register asap to increase your chances of getting one of the 16 seats offered! More information and registration can be found on medsin.org/TNTspring2015.

In English:

Do you want to inspire others by sharing your skills, knowledge, and experience? Fancy traveling the world helping to improve leadership skills, presentation skills, publicity, advocacy, and more?

Training New Trainers (TNT) is an internationally recognised qualification delivered via a weekend residential course, which develops the skills you need to become a skilled and confident trainer: a trainer that will ultimately support and develop our future health leaders and the movers and shakers of the global health world!

The agenda for the weekend will incorporate a range of practical skills alongside values based training, as challenging yourself is an essential part of becoming an effective trainer of others.

Medsin-UK’s FIRST EVER residential TNT will be in Arete Outdoor Centre near Bangor, Wales, from 27th – 29th March! Food, accommodation, transport from Bangor train station, resources… EVERYTHING will be included in the registration fee. This is likely to be around £70 and we are working hard to make it lower.

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come first-serve basis, with places being awarded to the first 16 suitable candidates. There is no deadline, so APPLY ASAP to increase your chances of getting a place!
To find out more and apply, visit medsin.org/TNTspring2015.