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IFMSA Uppsala is a compound for the care students in Uppsala and also during a compound to IFMSA-Sweden, where we are one of the seven local resorts. We are politically and religiously independent and works with everything from exchanges, preclinical as well as clinical, for local projects to raise awareness and inspire nursing students. Many of our projects are also addressed globally and often work after the message "Think global, Act local”.

Exchanges are a big part of our business here in Uppsala and every summer usually get a 20-30 ratio of students from different parts of the world here in a month and do an internship here with a social program arranged by local sponsors. Are you interested in knowing more about how you can get to go on exchange or sponsor please do not hesitate to send an email!

Engage yourself

Getting involved is easy and great fun! All projects are open to engage in do not hesitate to get in touch with each group if you are interested. Becoming a member is also completely free and you do it on this website under "Member".

Wondering just generally what we're doing, do not hesitate to peek in on our facebook page or throw away email. Warm welcome!


You can find us on Facebook where we called "IFMSA Uppsala" or via email at uppsala @ ifmsa.se.

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