Working clinical exchanges

The purpose of the SCOPE (Standing Committee of Professional Exchange) is to promote cultural exchange and understanding between medical students and other health professionals, something we hope to meet with our international clinical exchanges. Thanks IFMSAs large networks, it is possible to go to the 60 Countries around the world!
Our goal is to increase awareness of global health and make this knowledge available to all medical students, a goal we partly meet with our exchanges that makes it possible to meet students from all over the world while experiencing the care of another culture in place.

Contact: leo.uppsala @

Working for research exchanges

By virtue of LORE (local officer of research exchange) it is we who are responsible for coordinating IFMSA:summer's research yields. This means that we will contact researchers pursuing their projects at the university and find a research team that is willing to accept a foreign medical student for a month in his lab. In addition to organizing research sites, we also see that the incoming students have an accommodation, get lunch during weekdays and organizes a social program throughout the exchange period.

Contact: lore.uppsala @

Working for human rights and peace

Our working group highlights issues concerning human rights, democracy, autonomi och framför allt rätten till jämlik vård. Detta gör vi genom olika gästföreläsningar av experter inom respektive område, workshops, aktivitet på sociala medier och gemensamma utbildningstillfällen. Ett av våra största projekt är initiativet LIVH (Medical- and nursing students provide information about health care and health) som genom utryckningar till stans SFI-skolor informerar nyblivna svenskar hur man bäst hittar i det svenska vårdsystemet samt vilka skyldigheter och rättigheter en har som patient i Sverige. Vår förhoppning är att genom enkla medel bidra till att göra världen till en mer rättvis plats för så många som möjligt.
We always need more students who are passionate about these issues and who can step out. Hang on!

Contact: scorp.uppsala @

The working group on reproductive health and AIDS

scores (Standing Committee on Sexual & Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS), is one of IFMSA:The six working groups. We work all over the world to raise awareness of reproductive health and rights, and help to promote access to maternal health care.

SCORA IFMSA Uppsala during the year 2017-2018 support ”Maama project” with the goal of reducing maternal and infant mortality in southeast Uganda, and at the same time inform about the project itself.
To raise awareness about HIV / AIDS is also one of SCORA IFMSA Uppsala's future plans.

Contact: scora.uppsala @

Working Group on Public Health

Healthcare / medical students for more organ donation (V / LFMOD)

LFMOD is a new project within IFMSA Uppsala and is currently in the start-up inspired by the Stockholm and Gothenburg. The project aims to increase awareness of organ donation in the medical / nursing students at the university level, but also high school students. Exactly which activities will be in Uppsala is not yet determined.
LF / V MOD is a subproject of the organization MOD is a non-profit independent organization with both caregivers, care recipient, donors and others all want to change that in Sweden is currently waiting closer 850 people in new bodies and that one person a week dies because of this. By informing others and to work to the issue should be given more space in the medical program, we hope to change this.
Increased knowledge among today's nursing students may lead to increased knowledge in the workplace.

Ylva Jansson
Hedda Steen
Alice Schultz
scoph.uppsala @

POP mental ill-health project

POP is a project that is new not only in Uppsala but also nationally. The aim is to inform young people about and reduce taboos surrounding mental illness. In Uppsala, interest has just been brought, and it properly. The goal is to get started with the commitment thoroughly for fall 2017.

Ylva Jansson
Ruth Lonkila
scoph.uppsala @


Teddy Bear Hospital is a project of IFMSA where medical students from all semesters of the program meets children and plasters on their teddy bears and telling a little about your body. The purpose of Winnie the hospital is to make children feel safer with health professionals and hospital visits while medical students can practice speaking with children. During a visit, which usually takes about 2 hours, we divide the group of children at the three stations. The three stations are:

  • patches station, where we examine and plasters on children sick teddy bears.
  • Anatomistationen, where we start from our anatomy doll and talk about body.
  • Ride- and lekstationen, where we draw and play, Please drawings and games with the body as a theme.

In Uppsala, the business consists primarily of a "big teddy bear hospital" where we create a sjukhuslik environment in a room of the university inviting several kindergartens to come to us. At the same time try to resume ”expression activity” where medical students rather than visiting a kindergarten and implement the same approach! Hopefully this will get you started in the spring or autumn.

Ruth Lonkila (Lead)
Ylva Jansson
Lukas Grzechnik Mörk
Isabella Lindén
Kaberi Mitra

Iinc: Institute for Indian Mother and Child (Iinc)

An organization based in India dedicated to promoting children- and maternal health as well as read- Literacy in Sweden run by the Swedish, ideella organisationen Mother and Child Health Association (MACHA). IIMC today is a comprehensive construction projects in rural areas except health care includes educational programs, economic and socio-cultural projects, agriculture and production.

IIMC Uppsala collaborate with the project by regularly sending volunteers, recruiting sponsors for needy children in India and by organizing fund-raising to support activities on the ground in India.

Welcome to be inspired and get involved!

Caroline Johansson
iimc.uppsala @

Global With Buddies

Global With Buddies organize activities and help to find a sponsor for the exchange students who come to Uppsala during term, via medical program yields. The purpose of the Global With Buddies is to make it easier for exchange students who come to Uppsala to get into student life and connect with other students in the medical program. The sponsor's role is to meet the student at the station, helping to pick up the keys to the accommodation, give a tour of the hospital and in Uppsala. As responsible for Worldwide With Buddies, we have contact with the exchange manager at Medical School, sponsors and exchange managers and organizes different activities where all sponsors and exchange students have the opportunity to meet.

Do you have more questions, you are welcome to contact us at: fadder.uppsala @


Love Akutens business has two main areas. The external activities are addressing ourselves to the young people and go out to the schools where we give lectures and lead övingar focusing on six, Love, relationships and values. The classes tend to be interactive and we want to encourage and inspire a more open and standard critical discussion climate around sex and relationships.

The internal activities are for students and includes meetings in which we see on film, discusses, playing games and doing other activities in any way linked to Love Akutens topics. Once a year we have a training, then students who are interested in going on an emergency will learn the basics of what we talk about when we're out in schools.