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IFMSA provides research exchanges organized on a voluntary basis by medical students in each country's membership. As outgoing offered you four-week internship in a research group, at least one meal a day, as well as accommodation in the dorm room or home of a local student. During the internship period organized a social program where you together with other exchange students from all over the world get to experience what the host country has to offer!

You can participate in research exchange in the period July August 2023. cost is 3000 SEC. Once you've been accepted, you will also find specific projects; they can read about here.

More about this can be read at: http://ifmsa.org/research-exchanges/

Last day for registration for exchange is 20 October 2022 at 23.59 (because you'll end up in the first priority); then it is first come in force! Under "Exchange places 2023" below, you will find which countries you can apply for, and here you will find the conditions for the country. It is important to make sure you meet your desired country requirements for language skills and term affiliation even before you search!!

To read more about the exchange, you can use the following links below:

The application process

travel stories

Still any questions? level [email protected]!

exchange Points 2023 SCORE

OBS 1: Number of July/August = number of contracts to write specifically for the month of July/August.

If the box is joined “==” this means that it is up to the exchange student to choose which month he wants to go.

OBS 2: Some countries already have the Foreign Ministry's advice. It is important to know that IFMSA-Sweden does not send students to countries with an uncertain security situation and we therefore have continuous supervision of what these conditions look like.

Land Number of contract Month Exchange Conditions
Poland 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/83
Spain 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/88
Germany 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/4
Czech Republic 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/68
Italy 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/76
Portugal 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/11
Greece 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/73
Brazil (DENEM) 2 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/17
Peru 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/43?page=1
Chile 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/38?page=1
Oman 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/126?page=1
Sudan 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/14?page=1
Indonesia 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/19?page=1
India 1 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/47?page=1
South Korea 2 unspecified July/August https://exchange.ifmsa.org/exchange-conditions/score/view/50?page=1

You can go to the countries that do not have a specific month at any time, as long as the country host students during the month (see Exchange Conditions for the country!). Make sure you look in the right Exchange Conditions, some countries have two IFMSA NGOs and thus two different Exchange Conditions (t.ex Brazil, Canada).