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If you want to experience the culture, people care in another part of the world? Meet and get to know like-minded students and gain international friends for life? IFMSA provides clinic exchanges to around 60 different countries around the world. Our exchanges organized on a voluntary basis by medical students in each country's membership. As outgoing offered you four-week internship at a hospital, at least one meal a day, as well as accommodation in the dorm room or home of a local student. During the internship period organized a social program where you together with other exchange students from all over the world get to experience what the host country has to offer!

The following countries have the opportunity to go to the clinical exchanges during the period 1/4 2021 – 31/3 2022. Unless otherwise noted, the cost of exchange 3000 SEC. The application opens 21 september 2020. Deadline for applications is 21 October 2020, bell 23:59. All applications received before this deadline are treated equally.

It is important to make sure you meet your desired country claim language knowledge and termination affiliation even before you search. Here you will find the conditions for the country. In the conditions, you can also read about the document, certificates and declarations that you will need to submit your Application Form.

To learn more about our exchange, you can use the following links below:

The application process
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Take the opportunity to experience the world with IFMSA during your study. Search today!


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exchange Points 2020-2021

Land / NMO Number of places Month Other exchange Terms
Belgium 1 only July or August requirements for French in some LCs
Brazil (DENEM) 2
Brazil (IFMSA-Brazil) 2
Colombia 1 requirements in Spanish
Costa Rica 1 July only requirements in Spanish
Ecuador 1 requirements in Spanish
Egypt 2
Philippines 1 July only
France 2 requirements in French
Ghana 2
Greece 2 only 1 place in July and 1 in August
Grenada 1 July only
If 1
Indonesia 2
Italy 2 only 1 place in July and 1 in August
Jordan 2 only 1 place in July and 1 in August
Catalonia 4 only July or August
Croatia 2 only 1 place in July and 1 in August
Kurdistan 1
Latvia 1
Malta 1 July only
Morocco 3
Mexico 1 July only
Nepal 1
Oman 3 only 2 places in July and 1 in August
Palestine 1
Poland 1
Portugal 3
Romania 1
Rwanda 1 unilateral contract, charge 350 euro
Tatarstan (Russia) 1 only July or August
Switzerland 1 July only only German-speaking LCs - requirements for German
Slovenia 1 July only
Spain 2 only 1 place in July and 1 in August requirements in Spanish
Sudan 1
South Korea 3 only 1 place in July and 2 in August
Taiwan 1 July only
Tunisia 1 July only
Turkey 2 only August
Germany 2 July only
Hungary 1 July only
Austria 1

To find link exchange conditions in each country, click the green plus sign.

Are there specific monthly statements means that you can only apply for exchange these months. For all other countries, you can search by the country's exchange terms.

Normally, our bilateral exchanges with an exchange fee 3000 kr. Highlighted in the list are a few unilateral exchanges. If you accept the unilateral exchange, pay you instead host unilateral fee (and thus not yield rate).