Clinical Exchanges

Do you want to experience the culture, the people in another part of the world? Meet and get to know like-minded students and make international friends for life? IFMSA provides clinic exchanges to about 60 different leather all over the world. Our exchanges are organised on a voluntary basis by medical students in each country member organization. As outgoing offers you four weeks internship in a hospital, at least one meal a day and accommodation in dorm room or at the home of a local student. During the traineeship organized a social programme where you together with other Exchange students from all over the world will see what the host country has to offer!

The following countries have the opportunity to go to the clinical exchange during the period 1/4 2019 – 31/3 2020. Unless otherwise noted, the cost of Exchange 2000 SEK. Applications open 1st October 2018. Deadline for applications is 31 October 2018, clock 23:59. All applications received before this deadline are treated equally.

It is important to make sure you meet your desired country requirements on language skills as well as futures membership even before you search. Here you will find the conditions for each country. In the conditions, you can also read about what documents, certificates and assurances that you will need to submit with your Application Form.

To read more about our exchanges, you can use the following links below:

Application Process
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Exchange Locations 2019-2020

Country Sites Organization Time Miscellaneous
Algeria 1 LeSouk
Argentina 1 IFMSA - Argentina
Belgium 2 BeMSA July and August
Brazil 4 Deneme
Brazil 4 IFMSA-Brazil
Colombia 1 ASCEMCOL Spanish only.
Costa Rica 2 ACEM Spanish only.
Dominican Republic 1 ODEM Spanish only.
Ecuador 2 AEMPPI Requires some knowledge of Spanish.
Egypt 2 IFMSA-Egypt
Republic of the Philippines 2 AMSA-Philippines
Finland 1 FiMSIC
France 2 ANEMF Only the French.
Ghana 2 FGMSA
Greece 3 HelMSIC
Grenada 1 IFMSA - Grenada
Hong Kong 2 AMSAHK The deadline is 6-9 months before the desired period depending on the University. In addition to the application should be submitted via IFMSAs database Buda to Hong-Kong via DHL. See exchange conditions for instructions on how the application is to.
India 1 MSAI-India
Indonesia 2 CIMSA-ISMKI
Israel 1 FIM
Italy 3 SISM July and August.
Japan 3 IFMSA-Japan
Jordan 1 IFMSA-Jo
Canada 2 CFMS Merkostnader för "malpractice insurance" apply. Requires TOEFL language test.
Canada (Quebec) 1 IFMSA-Quebec The contract applies only to English-language exchange at McGill University. Merkostnader för "malpractice insurance" apply. Only the T10 and T11 students can be accepted to Exchange at McGill.
Catalonia 1 AECS July.
China 2+1 IFMSA-China One of these contracts is SCOPH-Exchange that has its own admissions. SCOPH Exchange takes place during one of the months of April-June and September-November.
Croatia 2 CroMSIC
Kurdistan 1 IFMSA-Kurdistan (Iraq)
Kuwait 2 KuMSA
Lebanon 2 LeMSIC
Lithuania 1 LiMSA
Malta 2 MMSA July and August.
Morocco 2 IFMSA-Morocco
Mexico 2 IFMSA-Mexico
Netherlands 1 IFMSA-NL July.
Nepal 1 NMSS
Oman 4 SQU-MSG
Panama 1 IFMSA-Panama Spanish only.
Peru 2 IFMSA-Peru Spanish required.
Poland 1 IFMSA-Poland
Portugal 4 PorMSIC
Romania 1 FASMR
Russia 2 HCCM
Serbia 1 IFMSA-Serbia
Slovenia 1 SloMSIC
Spain 2 IFMSA-Spain
Sudan 2 MedSIN-Sudan
Korea 2 KMSA
Taiwan 3 FMS-Taiwan
Tanzania 2 Tanzanian Medical Students' Association
Turkey 2 TurkMSIC
Turkey - Northern Cyprus 1 MSANC
Germany 1 BVMD
Ukraine 1 UMSA
Austria 2 AMSA-Austria August. Only German